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Kelimutu Tour 2 Days 1 Night | Explore the Beauty of Kelimutu Riung

Kelimutu Tour 2 Days

Explore the Beauty of Kelimutu Riung Tourism in a 2-day kelimutu tour package. At an altitude of 1.639 m (5.377 ft) a volcano located on the island of Flores, NTT Province, Indonesia. Precisely in Pemo Village, Ende Regency.

Kelimutu Lake This lake is often also called the Three Color Lake, because this lake has three different colors.

Uniquely, each color of the lake water will change over time.

Kelimutu Tour 2 Days 1 Night

Are you planning a vacation to see the beautiful crater of Mount Kelimutu? Flores is one of the big islands that holds a million charms that stretches from Labuan Bajo in the west to Larantuka at the end of East Flores.

Lake Kelimutu Ende located in the middle of Flores Island which has a very beautiful spot. To visit this place you can use Kelimutu tour package 2 days 1 night Cheap Kelimutu Riung.

Kelimutu lake flores
Kelimutu National Park

Kelimutu & Riung tourist attraction is extraordinary. You can enjoy the wonders of the 3-color lake, mountains, the 17 Riung Island National Park Beach and many other interesting sights.

You don't have to be afraid to pay dearly. Now, there are cheap Kelimutu lake tour packages available with very comfortable facilities.

Kelimutu Riung Lake Tour Packages

By using this 2-day kelimutu tour package that we offer, you will enjoy your holiday in central Flores, East Nusa Tenggara within 2 days.

Note: To enjoy the Kelimutu Riung 2 day package, you must be in the city of Ende the day before. So before that, you have to look for a flight from your hometown to the city of Ende, Central Flores. Why did you have to be the day before in the city of Ende? because the time of this tour starts at 4 am. We will walk early in the morning from the city of Ende, so let's prepare yourself!

You will spend 2 days 1 night in Riung and we will pick you up from Ende airport or the hotel where you are staying.

Price of Kelimutu Tour 2 Days

Description Price
2 AdultsIDR. 1.900K
3 AdultsIDR. 1.600K
4 AdultsIDR. 1.450K
5 AdultsIDR. 1.350K
6 AdultsIDR. 1.300K

The packages we offer include the cheapest packages:

  • Price 2022 This is for the package per person
  • Minimum package for 2 people
  • Transportation Car full Air conditioner
  • 1 Night Hotel
  • Private Tour & Private Boat Riung
  • Kelimutu National Park Entrance Ticket
  • 4 x Meals
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Mineral water during the tour

In addition to visiting Kelimutu and Riung Lakes, you can also visit Pulau Komodo Boat Sailing Tour and Bajo Car Rental with our tour services.

What are you going to do during 2 days kelimutu riung tour with us?

First Day of Riung

On first day, we will pick you up (Hotel Ende City). The Riung tour package that we offer is indeed starting from Ende. You can rest in the car and we recommend having breakfast before traveling.

The journey from Ende City to Riung 17 Islands National Park takes approximately 4 hours. After arrive aWe will immediately take you to sail. You've got to get ready for your adventure at 7 this morning.

We will invite you to enjoy the natural scenery of the sea and the beauty of the surrounding beaches. By using this 2 day 1 night kelimutu tour that we offer.

We will invite you to sail using an open deck ship that is already facilitated with snorkeling equipment and a safety jacket.

Riung Tour Kelimutu 2 Days
Kalong Island

We will start the journey from Kalong Island we will see thousands of bats. Amazing bats hanging in the thick trees. You will hear a fairly noisy sound because of the bats flying here and there. You will see tall, thick black trees. The sky became invisible. Throughout the forest, you will only see flying bats.

Three Island

Satisfied with enjoying Kalong Island, we will take you to Tiga Island. We have prepared an incredibly beautiful spot. In the 2-day kelimutu tour package that we offer, you will enjoy the underwater beauty of Pulau Tiga.

We will drop you off for an amazing snorkelling from start point to finish point. You will have an unforgettable experience by seeing the underwater beauty of Pulau Tiga.

Rutong Island

After satisfied snorkeling and feeling hungry, we will also invite you to have lunch, the coast of Pulau Tiga is very beautiful. Don't worry, the 2-day Kelimutu tour package includes lunch so you don't need to spend extra for food. The journey continues to visit Rutong Island which is the icon of Riung. The beauty of the white sand combined with the blue sea will make you reluctant to go home.

Day Two of Kelimutu

On the second day, we will take you to Puncak Kelimutu. To get an extraordinarily beautiful sunrise moment, you have to get up early. We will invite you to start the journey at 03.30 WITA.

Sunrise Peak Kelimutu moment is extraordinarily beautiful. Then, we will invite you to stop for a while pada Murundao Waterfall under the feet of Kelimutu. you can berphoto and water play.

Kelimutu at sunrise
Sunrise Moment at the Peak of Kelimutu
Wologai Traditional Village

If there is still time, we will take you to the Wologai Traditional Village. The 2-day kelimutu tour package that you use includes all trips. You will not pay additional fees again to enjoy the village with the interesting traditional house of Wologai Traditional Village. It is said that this village contained one of the exile houses of the Plokamator of the Republic of Indonesia Bung Karno during the colonial past.

The journey ended. Have lunch near the airport before continuing your journey back to your city.

How, do you feel interested in the 2-day kelimutu tour package that we offer?

Plan your Kelimutu vacation to enjoy the beauty of Kelimutu Riung which will be a beautiful memory in your life.

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