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27 Recommended Hotels in Bali Kuta | Hotels Update 2024

27 Recommended Hotels In Bali Kuta

Hi, Gotraveler, here are 27 recommended hotels in Bali, Kuta Seminyak and Legian.

Of course you can get a traveler easily on your gadget internet, starting from a list of cheap hotels in Kuta, recommended hotel prices near Kuta Beach, cheap romantic hotels in Bali, 5 star hotels in Bali to home stays or cheap inns in Bali and many promos. other hotels that are offered to you.

The Kuta area itself has quite a lot of star-rated, standard and cheap hotels according to your budget compared to other areas in Bali.

Example; 5 star hotel on Jalan Kartika Plaza, Bali, 3 star budget hotel in Bali near the airport in the Tuban Kuta area, cheap accommodation in Kuta, Jalan Kubu Anyar and of course one of the alternatives is the one on our page, 27 Recommended Hotels in Bali, Kuta.

27 Recommended Hotels in Bali
Happiness Room at Maxone Seminyak Bali

Recommended Hotels in Bali Kuta

Bali Island which is a magnet for the most sought-after tourist destination today and has not been replaced, it is always filled with tourists both from within the country and from abroad. No wonder if accommodation in Bali is currently growing rapidly and adequately.

According to research by Colliers International Indonesia (Ref. Kompas), until 2019, Bali, especially Kuta, will have 31 new hotels. So the total number of rooms in Bali is 42.154 units. These new hotels are classified into 16 five-star class hotels, 12 four-star class hotels, and 3 three-star hotels. That does not include 3 economy (budget) hotels.

Pick & Drop Services

If you are on vacation in the Kuta Bali area and looking for a list 27 Recommended Hotels In Bali Kuta by bringing an adequate budget and expecting standard 3 and 4 star hotel facilities by exploring hotel facilities starting from swimming pools, gym facilities, pick & drop Airport transfers and lots of bees benefits other. These 27 Recommended Hotels in Bali Kuta are the best alternative for your comfort and privacy during your holiday.

List of Hotels

TOUR CODE : Hot/BB1 Kuta Bali Hotels/Night/Room



Hotel Name

Type of room


Rupiah Price

Extra Bed

3*Legian Euphoria LegianSuperior01 Apr - 30 sep'19315,000175,000
3*SeminyakMaxone Happiness01 Apr - 31 March '19350,000N/A
Legian Maxone Happiness01 Apr - 31 March '19295,000N/A
Sunset Road Amaris Sunset Road Smart Immediately - Mar'19280,000N/A
LegianNEO Patih Jelantik Standard 01 Jan - 31 Mar'19270,000150,000
LegianCrystalSuperior Immediately - 30 Sep'19305,000175,000
Tuban Swiss Bell Tuban Deluxe Immediately - 31 Jun'19445,000300,000
KutaSolaris Deluxe 01 Apr - 31 Mar'19400,000150,000
LegianSavvoya SeminyakSuperior01 Apr - 31 Mar'19345,000175,000
Kuta Kuta StationSuperior Immediately - 30 Sep'19420,000250,000
KutaHoliday Inn Express Kuta SquareStandard 01 Apr - 31 March '19570,000250,000
4*KutaBest Western ResortsSuperior 01 Apr - 31 Mar'19425,000200,000
KutaLove Fashion Slim & Fit 01 Apr - 31 Mar'19505,000N/A
KutaAston Kuta Residence Superior Immediately - 31 Mar'19805,000300,000
LegianGrand Hardys Kuta Superior 01 Apr - 31 Mar'19450,000200,000
Seminyak Grand Hardy's Seminyak Standard Immediately - 31 Mar'19325,000N/A
LegianThe Akmani Legian ClassicImmediately - 31 Mar'19500,000N/A
LegianMercure Legian Superior 01 Apr - 31 Mar'19745,000300,000
KutaKuta Star Deluxe 01 Apr - 31 Mar'19675,000300,000
KutaRamayana Deluxe Immediately - 31 Mar'19775,000250,000
KutaGrand Inna Kuta Beach Superior GardenView 01 Apr - 31 Mar'191,075,000400,000
KutaHard RockDeluxeImmediately - 31 Mar'191,600,000700,000
5*KutaKuta ParadiseDeluxe 01 Apr - 31 Mar'19900,000400,000
KutaThe Kuta Beach Heritage Classic Room 01 Apr - 31 Mar'191,328,500N/A
VillaSeminyakUppala Villa Seminyak 1 bedroom villa01 Apr - 31 Mar'19760,000250,000
Seminyak Grand Hardys Seminyak (Grand La Villais)Superior Immediately - 31 Mar'19325,000N/A
01 Bedroom Villa Immediately - 31 Mar'191,075,000400,000
SeminyakHardys Seminyak Villa1 bedroom villaImmediately - 30 Sep'191,075,000400,000
SeminyakThe Dream Bali Villa1 bedroom villa01 Jan - 31 Mar'191,375,000400,000
Note:For ordering and negotiating prices, you can contact us further.
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The validity of the 2021 promo price above is as listed,
Price per room per night includes breakfast for 02 people.

For Surcharge High/Peak season period; Lebaran, Chinese New Year, Holiday season (Jul-Aug) and New Year/new year the promo price above is not valid or you can confirm back to us for a special price

Budgeting and star hotel conditions in Kuta

Initially, the hotel functioned fully as accommodation providing temporary residence for guests and tourists. Meanwhile, for now, the function of the hotel has begun to shift towards a broader direction so that it is quite complex to explain its role.

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Its existence is supported by various facilities to meet every need and pamper its guests. The function of the hotel is very obvious because of the various conditions, location and supporting facilities such as multi-storey hotel buildings, hotels near the beach, meeting rooms, play areas, parks, and many more.

What is certain is that the facilities are provided to provide satisfaction for its guests. Therefore, it takes your foresight to determine whether to book the hotel is right or not.

There are many cheap hotels in Bali that you might look up to and be interested in. But this Standard Hotel on the list of 27 recommended hotels in Bali Kuta will make it easy for you to save money. And on the other hand, you can benefit from standard five-star hotel facilities in Kuta Bali.

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Tips on how to choose a cheap hotel in Bali

The existence of hotels that are mushrooming in Bali makes it easy for those of you who initially want to make a fairly long trip, especially visiting the island of the gods, Bali. You can get cheap hotels, inns and inns in Bali that you can get easily.

Generally, they will set the tariff which is super cheap, up to Rp. 58.000 and of course it will make you tempted.

But even so, you should not determine directly because the hotel rates are super cheap. But there are many things you need to know and also need to consider regarding what is provided by the hotel, for example the facilities and infrastructure, are they according to your expectations or not? etc.

Of course, in the list of 27 recommended hotels in Bali Kuta that we offer, it has all been answered well and the reputation of the hotels above is unquestionable.

So in this case you as a customer must be observant and calculate correctly, of course it will make you more relieved, satisfied and memorable for choosing the right hotel for you and your family.

If a traveler wants a hotel outside the 27 recommended hotels in Bali above and wants something more budgetary, you can also read the recommendations for cheap and unique 3 star hotels in Kuta.

Travelers can also get our promo offers below:

Hopefully this List of 27 Hotel Recommendations in Bali Kuta can help you determine your choice of accommodation and tourism in Bali. Travelers can contact us to consult or get promo prices for hotels in Bali.

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