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7 Wakatobi Tourist Spots

Wakatobi Tourist Spot

If you are preparing a vacation destination after PPKM ends, tourist spots Wakatobi this can be your choice. This place is very popular among local and even foreign divers. The underwater beauty of Wakatobi is indeed a miracle. Curious? Here are 7 Wakatobi tourist spots for you.

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7 Amazing Wakatobi Attractions

Hoga Island Beach Wakatobi

If you're looking for tranquility, Hoga Island Beach is the right destination for you. This island is a quiet island compared to other islands in Wakatobi. You can enjoy the beauty of the sea with white sand combined with clear water.

You can be sure that you will forget the time if you visit this one destination. Moreover, this beach is only separated by a small strait and also Kaledupa Island.

Tomia Sea and Onemohute

A visit to Wakatobi is incomplete if you don't experience the beauty from under the sea. You can do diving activities to see the diverse marine life with amazing coral reefs.

Onemohute destination is the most favorite as well as Roma Reef in Tomia. It will definitely be an experience you will never forget.

Roma's Reef is an extraordinary tourist spot for Wakatobi because it has the busiest coral reefs. Diving to a depth of 15 to 25 meters, you will see the charm of colorful coral reefs.

Rows of colorful fish will also spoil your eyes. You can also enjoy chatting with dolphins that often appear on the surface, especially at Mola Harbor.

Tour Kontamele Wakatobi Cave

In addition to the beauty of the sea, you can also experience swimming in a natural pool at Kontamele. Called a natural pool, because in this cave there is a pool of water that resembles a pond or lake. The clear blue water seems to invite you to immediately throw yourself into the pool.

You can also see the beauty stalagmite on the sky cave. That said, bathing in this cave can also make it easy for a mate, you know. How? want to try it?

Heaven's Peak, Tomia's Peak

The extraordinary Wakatobi tourist spot that you can't miss next is the Peak of Heaven which is located on Tomia Island. The green grass that dominates this hill offers an extraordinary view.

You can enjoy Wakatobi from a different side, namely from a height. You can even wait until the sun goes down, because you don't need to doubt the beauty of the sunset on this hill.

Even local residents often make Puncak Kahyangan a place for camping or picnics on weekends. You will get a complete view if you spend the night at the Peak of Heaven.

Enjoy the beauty of the sunrise, to see the pollution-free Wakatobi sky with millions of stars above it. You can get this unforgettable experience by visiting the peak of this heaven.

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Island of a Thousand Turtles

You can also enjoy the beauty of Wakotobi by visiting an uninhabited island or known as the Thousand Turtle Island. This is because the island is a location for hawksbill and green turtles to lay their eggs.

You can't just miss the beauty of the beach. This amazing Wakatobi tourist spot also has very clear water and makes you feel at home for a long time.

Wakatobi Lake Sambona Tour

Lake Sambona is one of the places that is considered sacred by the Wakatobi community. They believe that in the cave there is a black crocodile which makes residents not dare to swim here.

However, you can't just miss her beauty. You can even meet red shrimp in the waters because the water is very clear. The lake itself is in the Mangrove Forest area of ​​Kaledupan Island.

Liya Togo Village, Fragrant Fragrant

In Wakatobi, there are many villages that are still natural and uphold local customs. Visiting a village is also a way for you to interact directly with the surrounding community.

In the village of Liya Togo you can also see a historic and unique fort. You can even see the oldest mosque in eastern Indonesia. In addition to walking, it is also to add insight. Interested in seeing this amazing Wakatobi tourist spot?

Wakatobi indeed presents natural and cultural scenery that is inevitable. The number of beautiful beaches and beautiful islands is a natural thing if Wakatobi is a popular destination now.

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However, it never hurts to always be a wise traveler. Because if we destroy it and don't take care of it all that beauty will not last long.

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