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Bali's Exotic Beach

Bali's exotic beach

Vacationing to the exotic beaches of Bali with a calm atmosphere can make your mind fresh. There are several exotic tourist attractions that can make a vacation feel calm. What are these attractions? Let's discuss.

Bali's exotic tourist spots
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Bali has several exotic beaches with beautiful natural scenery. This natural atmosphere will make you feel at home. Especially for those of you who are bored with the urban atmosphere.

Many already know that Bali is indeed rich in interesting tourist attractions. Its natural charm is so beautiful that it becomes the main destination for tourists. Evidently, many foreign tourists who go all the way on vacation to Bali.

6 Exotic Beaches in Bali

The following is a list of beaches with exotic views on the Island of the Gods. Here he is.

1. Kuta Beach

Who does not know Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach is an icon of the island of Bali which is a favorite destination.

Its strategic location close to the airport makes it always crowded. Located in Kuta District, Badung, Bali.

Kuta Beach has a fairly long coastline. In this tourist location there are many places to stay. The price varies, there are cheap room rental rates. Up to hotels with luxurious facilities whose prices are also fantastic.

Besides there are various choices of hotels around Kuta Beach, there are also various choices of culinary places. There are many restaurants that offer a choice menu.

To get around Bali, you can rent a Bali car at Gotravela Indonesia and other travel offers.

2. Perasi Beach

Perasi Beach is an exotic beach in Bali with beautiful views. Called Perasi Beach because of its location in Perasi, Karangasem Bali.

Many also mention Virgin Beach or White Sand Beach.

The white sand is so charming that it is the main attraction. If you like a beach with a natural and calm atmosphere, you can recover this beach.

But you need to travel for approximately 2 hours from I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport. The location of this beach is quite remote.

3. Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach is also one of the exotic beaches in Bali. This tour is located in Kutuh Village, Badung, Bali.

Foreign tourists used to call it Secret Beach. While local tourists often refer to it as Kutuh Beach.

You will pass a smooth paved highway so close to the beach. there, there are limestone cliffs towering. Next, you will be greeted by views of the Indian Ocean and white coastline.

4. Yeh Leh Beach

Yeh Leh Beach is a truly exotic beach resort in Bali. On the edge of the beach, you can see there are many rocks. When the sea water recedes, the rocks stand out and are clearer.

Maybe when you hear the name, this beach has a foreign name. But do you know that not many foreign tourists come to this place.

The reason is because this beach has rocky edges. So it is not suitable if used for sunbathing. Tourists who come here usually do fishing and surfing activities.

5. Gunung Payung Beach

Located in Badung Regency, Gunung Payung Beach is also very beautiful. You can enjoy a calm and peaceful atmosphere on this beach.

This beach is a hidden beach. Not so many tourists come here. The waves are not too big so you can swim here. One of the attractions of this beach is the existence of a sports rental place Paragliding.

Don't worry, you will be accompanied by a professional guide. So you will be accompanied while doing this sport. You can see the beauty of the beach from above. Really cool isn't it.

Let's read

6. Nyang Nyang Beach

If you are looking for an exotic Bali beach that is not too crowded, you can visit Nyang Nyang Beach. The beach is clean, making you feel at home for long here.

The view of the beach is really charming. Beautiful white sand combined with gradations of blue and green from the sea water.

That's a list of exotic Bali beaches that you can visit. The calm atmosphere that not many visitors come makes you can enjoy your vacation.


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