Bali Rocked by 5,8 SR Earthquake, Residents Run, Nana Mirdad's House Cracked

Bali Rocked by a 5,8 SR Earthquake

The latest news is back from Bali. It's not about the crowds of certain tourist destinations, but about Bali being rocked by a 5,8 magnitude earthquake on Monday (22/8/2022) at 16.36 WITA. Quotes (23/8/2022), the tectonic earthquake was felt in almost all areas of the Island of the Gods. However, the intensity of the power varies.

Centered on the South Coast of Klungkung

Referring to the analysis of the Meteoroli, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), the epicenter of the earthquake was in the southern coastal waters of Klungkung, Bali with the epicenter of the earthquake at coordinates 9,36 degrees South Latitude and 115,56 degrees East Longitude. Although quite strong, the BMKG has said the earthquake did not cause a tsunami.

Residents Running

Meanwhile, bali innews id reported on the same day that as a result of the 5,8 magnitude earthquake in Bali, people ran out of their homes. A resident said the earthquake was strong enough to shake the floor of his house. "It's so loud, the floor of the house shakes," said Ketut Samba in Ubung, Denpasar. He, who had just come home from work at the time, ran out of the house with his wife and children. The tremor, which was felt for about 3 seconds, also made a number of residents choose to gather on the side of the road while making sure there were no aftershocks. They then just re-entered the house after 15 minutes of shaking to ensure the condition of the house. "Nothing was damaged in Astungkara," added Suamba.

Broken Hotel, Cracked Artist's House

Quoted from People's Mind, (23/8) in the Twitter universe, a video uploaded by the account circulated @gotravela shows the condition of a hotel after Bali was rocked by a 5,8 magnitude earthquake. In the video, you can see that the ceiling in the hallway in front of the hotel room has almost collapsed. "This is in front of my room. So when I was about to leave the room, the ceiling came off," said a woman in the video. "Then this is my room," he said again while showing small debris scattered on the floor.

As a result of the 5,8 SR earthquake rocking Bali, not a few people who were at the location of the heart exercise incident. "To be honest, I'm still nervous. The first earthquake shaking was not too bad, but the second shaking felt like the Lombok Earthquake. I literally took cover under the table," said a Twitter user @gotravela previously marked by @gotravela.

The 5,8 SR earthquake also cracked the house of artist Nana Mirdad in Bali. Quoted from The daughter of veteran actor Jamal Mirdad, who actually lives in Bali, showed a video of her and her family members rushing out of the house trying to save themselves. "The earthquake was very strong. The earthquake was really strong Are you okay?” asked Naysila Mirdad's sister to all her family members in the video she uploaded on Instagram Story. He also showed the part of his house that was cracked due to the 5,8 magnitude earthquake. "My house cracked, wow. It's no wonder we were here, it feels really fast," he said. (y)

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