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Balinese Traditional Ceremonies That You Shouldn't Miss When In Bali

Balinese Traditional Ceremony

Balinese Traditional Ceremony That Can't Be Missed At Least Once In Your Life

Bali Island it is never empty of tourists, whether domestic or foreign tourists.

Apart from a lot interesting and popular tourist attractions in Bali, you can also see Balinese culture from the other side. One of them is at Balinese traditional ceremonies which are definitely different from usual.

Balinese Traditional Ceremony

To answer all your curiosity about traditions and culture in Bali, below we will discuss several interesting Balinese traditional ceremonies that you should not miss at least once in your life.

Ngaben Ceremony

This ceremony is very famous, isn't it?! Surely you often hear about it in certain news events on television or in various print and online media related to traditional ceremonies.

Ngaben Ceremony

However, it turns out that not all Balinese residents do this either, this is caused by different economic factors for each resident. It cannot be denied that the costs for carrying out this ceremony are relatively high.

Ngaben Ceremony In Bali, it turns out that it is divided into three types, namely Ngaben Sawa Wedana, Ngaben Asti Wedana, and Private. So usually, this ceremony will be held within a period of between 3-7 days.

However, there are also those who carry out preparations for up to a month, so that the body will be preserved until the time for burning the body arrives. This type of ceremony is usually called Ngaben Sawa Wedana.

Then, for the type of traditional Balinese ceremony Ngaben Asti Wedana, it has a different method than before. This type of ceremony begins with burying the body first, until later only the bones will be burned.

Carrying out this type of Ngaben ceremony does take quite a long time. This could be caused by the family having certain problems, such as binding customary rules in the village, or financial problems.

Well, the last one is a private ceremony that is devoted to people who died while abroad, or for bodies that can no longer be found.

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Omed-Omedan Ceremony

This Balinese traditional ceremony usually takes place in the Denpasar, Banjar Kaja, Sesetan and Bali areas. If you want to witness this tradition firsthand, then visit Bali after Nyepi.

Omed-Omedan Ceremony

This ceremonial procession begins with a mass prayer process held at the temple. Next, two groups of young men and women between the ages of 18-30 who are not yet married were formed. These two groups will begin to face each other.

After that, usually there will be a sprinkling of water carried out by one young man or woman who comes forward. That way, then they will fight each other.

Then after that, sometimes it ends with a kiss. Very unique, right?! This ceremonial tradition is said to have been going on for decades, and still persists today, especially for Denpasar residents.

Singaraja Shaking Ceremony

The Balinese traditional ceremony that will be discussed last is the Ngoncang Guncang Singaraja ceremony which is a tradition or culture passed down from generation to generation to pound rice on mortar.

Photo by NusaBali(dot)com

In practice, this ceremony is carried out in groups. Usually this group consists of six to eight people.

So, then the people in the group have to carry out activities such as hitting a pestle into a stick.

From this activity, a beautiful rhythmic sound emerges, because when hitting the pestle it is done alternately and according to the rules.

This traditional ceremony in Bali has a symbol of harmony and togetherness between humans and God, humans and each other and humans and their environment. This is in accordance with Hindu teachings, namely, Tri Hita Karana.

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These are several Balinese traditional ceremonies which can be a reference for those of you who want to travel to Bali or indeed the middle learn Balinese culture.

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Balinese Traditional Ceremony That Can't Be Missed At Least Once In Your Life


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