Bedugul Flood Landslide | Hit Bali at the End of 2016

Bedugul flood avalanche

The Bedugul flood landslide that occurred at the end of 2016 certainly surprised many parties.

The hashtag Pray for bedugul is scattered on social media. As if sorry for the tragedy that suddenly happened.


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Bedugul Flood Landslide

Bedugul flood avalanche, Friend Traveler, the incident is worrying as a result flash flood landslide has hit one of the famous tourist attractions in Bali Bedugul – Pancasari at the end of the year and happened last night.

Bedugul Disaster Video

Heavy rains that hit the Bedugul – Tabanan area, Bali, last Wednesday (Dec 21, 2016) for eight hours from 12.00 noon to 20.00 WITA, caused Flash floods and landslides.

The flood occurred right in the tourist area of ​​the Eka Karya Bali Botanical Gardens or also known as the Bali Botanical Gardens for Balinese tourists.

The temple, which is in the north of the Bali Botanical Gardens area, now looks almost level with the ground due to flooding and mud mixed with large logs.

Including the Lotus Bang Temple in the Botanical Gardens, it was also damaged.

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Pancasari Bedugul

The mud flood did not escape the Pancasari Bedugul submerging into the houses of residents and several schools in the vicinity. One resident, I Wayan Sedana (57), from Buleleng, said, "The floodwaters were up to 50 centimeters high, carrying a lot of mud, so I got into my lucky house, so I immediately put it on my things," he said.

It is estimated that dozens of houses, schools, strawberry gardens, and walls and shrines were damaged by the mud flood.

However, he could not confirm how many houses and gardens were damaged by the Bedugul flood landslide.

He continued heavy rains and lightning that fell for several hours causing several cliffs to slide.

"There are several cliff points that have collapsed, both in Bedugul and in the Singaraja area. Even the bridge that leads to the turn of the Corn Statue to the Tegeh area is reportedly broken too," he explained.

Ulun Danu Temple also did not escape the puddle of mud that fell into the lake, currently the local government and residents are cleaning and tidying up landslide materials.

As a result of this landslide disaster in the Bedugul area, several points experienced knee-deep flooding.

Not until there, several cliff points also collapsed, causing traffic to stop in both directions because the road was blocked by landslides, vehicles going to Singaraja and vice versa could not pass through the Bedugul route until the landslide material was cleared.

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Pray for bedugul – Gotravela Indonesia

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