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Bedugul Traditional Market

bali traditional market

Bedugul Traditional Market is a place not to be missed while on vacation to Bali. The market, also known as the Gunung Bedugul Temple Market, is always busy. Both by local visitors and tourists who are on vacation.

mountain temple market
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The location of the Bedugul Traditional Market is very easy to reach because it is strategic. Precisely located on Jalan Raya Denpasar-Singaraja. This makes this market always crowded.

Every day many people are looking for their daily needs. Not to forget the tourists who come to this market for a walk.

There are many items to be found here. The price is also relatively cheaper than shops near tourist attractions.

Vegetables and fruits in this market are also very fresh. Because, the location is close to agricultural areas.
So there's nothing wrong with hunting for souvenirs in this market.

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In addition to getting cheaper prices, you can also go for a walk, you know. There is a different sensation that you will get when walking in this market. Let's discuss more!

The Advantages of Bedugul Traditional Market

1. Clean and Neat Market

Unlike most traditional markets in general. Bedugul Traditional Market is very clean and tidy.

Although the size is not too broad, but the items are complete. You can find a super complete souvenir. In addition, clean market conditions make you not feel uncomfortable.

Merchandise is also neatly arranged. This makes it easier for visitors to choose what they are looking for.

Placement of fruit arranged in such a way in the form of a cone attracts people's attention. If you look at it very beautiful.

2. Affordable Price

Candi Kuning Bedugul Market offers goods at affordable prices. The quality of the goods is not in doubt. Like fruit that is still very fresh. Because it is sent directly from the surrounding farm area.

The price of souvenirs or souvenirs is also cheaper. Especially if you are good at bargaining, the price will be more affordable. So before making a transaction, make sure you bid the price. Because in this market, the seller will give a price that can still go down. Complete Item Options

In this Bedugul Traditional Market, there are many stalls. So you don't have to worry about running out of stuff. You can also find complete items. Starting from daily necessities, vegetables, fruits, handicrafts and so on.

Traditional Market Location

It is not difficult to find this Bedugul Traditional Market. The location is close to gate enter the Botanical Gardens. So it's very easy to find because it's strategic.

The road is wide and easy to access. Four-wheeled vehicles can get to the location easily. From Ngurah Rai Airport, it takes about 90 minutes.

The Gunung Bedugul Temple Market is located in a mountainous area so that the contours of the road are uneven. Although up and down, the terrain is still relatively easy.

During the trip you can enjoy the beauty of the natural panorama. On the right and left the scenery is so beautiful. Green trees that look beautiful.

Activities in the Market

The main activity at Bedugul Traditional Market is shopping. You can find everything you need in this market. Even souvenirs here are relatively cheaper.

In addition to shopping, tourists also do not miss to take pictures. The market is neatly arranged and in clean conditions, making visitors feel comfortable. Not to mention seeing the fruits arranged in mountains will look beautiful when photographed.

Let's read too

If you don't want to shop, you can just walk around the market. Observing the activities of local residents between buyers and sellers is interesting. You can also interact with friendly local residents.

So, how do you want to come to this Bedugul Traditional Market? Don't miss stopping by if you have the opportunity to vacation in Bali.


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