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White Crater Lake Kaolin Belitung

Belitung's Kaolin Lake

Bangka Belitung is indeed famous for its natural attractions, one of the natural attractions that you must visit is the White Crater Lake Kaolin Belitung. This lake is a former kaolin mine in Belitung which is no longer used and is now a favorite photo spot among young Belitungans.

Belitung Kaolin Lake: A Former Mine That Has Become a Tourist Attraction

Kaolin Lake White Crater has a stretch of white plains with sparkling blue waters that glow. This lake was formed not because of the activity of a mountain crater but this lake was formed due to the activity of Kaolin mining which is no longer active. This mine forms a lake with water colors that are so charming like a lake in a fairy tale.

Kaolin itself is a mineral that is usually used for industrial materials such as food, cosmetics, paper and toothpaste. Kaolin is very popular in the industrial world because of its strong, smooth white texture and low heat conductivity.

Belitung's Kaolin Lake also has a mountain. This mountain was formed from the remains of excavations. What distinguishes the mountain in Kaolin Lake from other mountains is its white color. When the lake recedes, all that is left is a stretch of excavated white.

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According to Belitung residents, Kaolin lake water is not as dangerous as other lakes. Because this lake is not formed from a crater that smells of sulfur and has a hot temperature.

Many residents play in the water there. For that visitors will feel at home in this white crater tour. They can play water and swim. Lake water also makes skin smoother and softer.

Belitung's Kaolin Lake is often a favorite place for easy couples who want to do pre-wedding. How come? Its beautiful location with shades of white and blue light make the prewedding moment more charming.

Especially if you really like to take pictures of unusual natural beauty. Of course, Belitung's Kaolin Lake is perfect for adding to your portrait collection.

Location & Accommodation

Kaolin Lake itself is located in Air Raya Tanjungpandan Village, Bangka Province. More precisely, this lake is not far from the city of Tanjungpandan. The time you will travel from the city is around 10 minutes. It is better to use private vehicles because public transportation is rare.

If you want to come to Kaolin Lake, it's better to come in the morning or evening. If you come during the day of course the weather will be very hot because there are no large and shady trees around Kaolin Lake.

If you ask what are the facilities? There are no public facilities because Kaolin Lake is not managed by anyone. For the problem of where to stay you can stay in the city of Tanjungpandan.

This lake is indeed very famous among photographers as a paradise for hunting sunrise and sunset. Those of you who want to add to the beauty of your Instagram feed, of course, have to come to this Kaolin Lake.

The Special Attraction of Kaolin Lake White Crater

The beauty of land like snow. Some people call it a sugar field. The water of this lake is also bright blue like it has light. And what makes it very comfortable is that Belitung Kaolin Lake does not have the sulfur smell like former mines in general.

Of course this makes the air much fresher. You can enjoy all the beauty of the White Crater Lake Kaolin Belitung without having to pay or free.


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