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Borobudur Becomes a Religious Tourism for Buddhists

Borobudur Becomes Religious Tourism

Borobudur Becomes Religious Tourism – Talking about historical tourist destinations in Indonesia, there is no end. As the Island of the Gods, it is not surprising that in Bali there are many temples and historical tourist attractions with Hindu nuances.

Another case with Central Java. The province which is captained by Ganjar Pranowo has a famous historical tourist area in the world that breathes Buddhism, namely the Borobudur Temple.

The latest news says Borobudur temple so Buddhist religious tourism both in Indonesia and the world. So quotes the page travel.seconds  (26 / 11 / 2022).

Increasing Borobudur Tourists to Religious Tourism

It is hoped that turning Borobudur into a Buddhist religious tourist attraction will increase tourist visits to the heritage of the Syailendra dynasty. "The existence of religious activities increases the attraction of Buddhists around the world to visit Indonesia, especially Borobudur (temple).

"So that it will further increase tourist visits from the world and domestically," said the Director General of Buddhist Community Guidance at the Ministry of Religion, Supriyadi, at the International Buddhist Conference of Indonesia on Dagi Hill, Borobudur Temple, Magelang, Friday (18/11/2022).

The conference was a collaboration between Bimas Buddha and the Association of Indonesian Buddhist Colleges (APTABI). It was reported that ten countries attended the event, including Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, America, Nepal and Cambodia.

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Dharmayatra and Tourism

Regarding the objectives, the conference aims to provide an understanding of the existence of the temple which was once considered one of the wonders of the world, for Dharmayatra and tourism.

Dharmayatra itself is an activity to visit Buddhist holy places. In a general sense, the meaning of this term is a pilgrimage to a holy place that is worthy of worship or respect.

"This means not only in super priority tourism, but also in Pilgrimage activities related to religion itself," he said.

Even though the conversion of Borobudur to religious tourism has only recently been carried out, this is not surprising. So far this temple has been used as a place for Vesak and Asadha celebrations. Following its use as a religious tourist attraction, in the future it will also be used to celebrate other Buddhist religious holidays.

"Such as the Asadha holiday, Kathina holiday and Magha Puja holiday, for religious use. "Other routine activities include Pilgrimage, Dharmayatra on 1,15 Calendar," he added.

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Masterpiece of Advanced Civilization

Meanwhile, the founder of the temple, made in the 8-9th century AD, was King Samaratungga. Referring to the book Local Wisdom of Central Java: Timeless by Retno Susilorini, the construction of this temple was to glorify Mahayana Buddhism.

This is a belief that was held by many people around that time. Temple reliefs depict human life as well as natural and cultural landscapes.

This can be seen from the presence of Bercadik boats and traditional Indonesian buildings there. Seeing the expression of ideas in detailed and artistic reliefs is a sign that at that time society already had a very advanced civilization. (y)


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