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Bromo Tengger Tribe Kasada Ceremony

Tenggerese Kasada Ceremony

The Kasada Ceremony of the Bromo Tengger Tribe is a Hindu religious ceremony which only the Tenggerese would do. This tradition will not be carried out by other Hindus. Kasada ceremony itself is one of the rituals to ask for forgiveness from the Brahma. The trick is to throw a sacrifice into the crater of Mount Tengger.

Bromo Tengger Kasada Ceremony
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In ancient times when they did not know the sacrifice by using goods, the Tenggerese would make it possible to make sacrifices at the expense of humans. In this ceremony, people from the Tengger Tribe will make sacrifices by throwing their sacrifices into the crater of Mount Tengger. The sacrifice can be in the form of food, money, or clothes.

The story of Roro Anteng and Joko Seger : Beginning of Kasada Ceremony

The Kasada Ceremony of the Bromo Tengger Tribe is quite closely related to the story of Roro Anteng and Joko Seger who really want to have children. They finally asked the Gods to have 25 children.

The gods granted their request, but on one condition. Namely their 25th child must be an offering to Dewa Bromo.

As an adult, Kusuma, the son of the two, plunged himself into the crater of Mount Bromo. Kusuma then asked his brothers that at the time of the tenth month, precisely when the full moon appeared, they would offer sacrifices to crater the mountain. This is the beginning of the implementation of the Kasada Ceremony of the Bromo Tengger Tribe.

Offerings for Ceremony Execution Tengger Tribe Kasada

Yadya Kasada Ceremony
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To carry out the Kasada Ceremony of the Bromo Tengger Tribe, the equipment for the offerings must have two elements that are quite important. Starting from the head of the head to the head hanging. As for some people who have special requests, the condition is to bring chickens or goats as offerings.

There are three important places of execution when going to the procession of the Tengger Tribe Kasada Ceremony. The first is the traditional shaman's house, then the Poten Luhur temple and the last is the crater of Mount Bromo. The implementation of the Tengger Tribe Kasada Ceremony usually starts from midnight to early morning.

Preparation will usually start at 00.00. Then it will move from the front of the traditional shaman's house and will arrive at Luhur Poten Temple at around 04.00.

Before the implementation of the Tengger Tribe Kasada Ceremony, the Pandita shaman first performs semeninga. Semeninga is a preparation for a ceremony that aims to inform the Gods if the ritual they are about to perform is ready for them to carry out.

When they arrived at Luhur Poten Temple, the pandita shaman would return to have sex. After that, they started the Kasada Ceremony by traveling from Luhur Poten Temple to the crater of Mount Bromo.

Meaning of Kasada Ceremony

People usually interpret the Bromo Kasada Ceremony Ritual differently by each existing group. The meaning of the Kasada ritual usually also depends on the point of view of the meaning.

Usually this Kasada Ritual will be interpreted as an affirmation of the cosmology of the Tengger community, if Mount Bromo is the center of the world. This was revealed when in ancient times the construction of houses or studios would face Mount Bromo.

They also interpret this Kasada Ceremony as the identity of a community in Tengger as a descendant of Majapahit.

At present, those who follow the Bromo Kasada Ceremony are not only from the Tengger tribe who are Hindus but also other Tengger residents who are Muslims and Christians who have left the area and come back together.

With a variety of different ceremonial rituals from all ethnic groups in Indonesia, our country is an interesting country and makes many people want to study various cultures in depth.


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