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Manado Bunaken Marine Park

Manado Bunaken Marine Park

Located in North Sulawesi, Bunaken Manado Marine Park presents various activities for tourists who like to explore. For example, studying marine life that you can only find in Indonesia.

This factor also invites local and domestic tourists to stop by to explore one directly tourist attraction in Manado this is amazing.

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Recommendations for Diving and Snorkeling Lovers

Ease of accessing points Diving and snorkeling is the main reason that attracts tourists to come to the Bunaken Marine Park. If you need Recommendations, here are some locations that you can adjust to your personal Preferences:

Fukui Point Bunaken Marine Park Manado

Coming from a Japanese national, Fukui Point is the home of unique fauna such as eels moray white-spotted, giant clam, sailing pliers, to Red-tooth Tigerfish. You will not find coral reefs when you stop by this Bunaken marine tourism dive point, but a low and steep downhill slope.


There are three dots selam which you can visit in Lukuan. Twists 1 and 2 are suitable places for those of you who have no experience in diving. Tourists also have the opportunity to meet various fish and sharks here. Meanwhile Likuan 3 is the place snorkeling which will meet you with coral reefs, sea fan corals, and large sponges.

Village Front

The name is unique, but Muka Kampung offers a variety of underwater terrain in Bunaken sea tourism. The types of animals you will see are also somewhat different from previous locations. For example, sea caterpillars often pass through coral reefs Dendronephthya, big turtle, lobster, up to moorish idols and Napoleon wrasses.

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Next there are the gaps located in the southern part of Bunaken Island. You have to be careful when diving here because the sea surface currents are quite large. Even so, the gaps provide impressive underwater panoramas. For example, eagle rays and coral sharks which often swim among the algae covering the sea walls.

Church Front

Located on Manado Tua Island, the Church Face has calm waters and good visibility as a point Diving and snorkeling Bunaken Marine Park. Apart from being able to find marine animals such as white tip sharks, Sorpionfish, to spotted eagle rays, you can also see the Volcanic island as it rises back to the surface.

Bunaken Marine Park
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New rules at Bunaken Marine Park

Before exploring the Bunaken Marine Park, you need to pay attention to the new regulations that have been in effect since March 2018. This policy states that every tourist is obliged to plant coral reefs as a form of preserving marine biota in Bunaken.

One of the reasons underlying the establishment of this rule is the low awareness of tourists regarding the increasingly deteriorating condition of coral reefs. Therefore, while enjoying Bunaken marine tourism, you can contribute to saving coral reefs by accelerating Restoration through planting there.

Then, so that the program runs smoothly, the Bunaken Marine Park Management is trying to socialize it with a number of travel agents. The aim is to prepare tourists who want to come to Bunaken. They also provide nursery locations that you can visit to plant coral reefs.

You also don't need to worry about how to plant coral reefs, because the marine park manager is ready to guide you according to the procedure. After that, you can continue your Activities there, including for Diving and Snorkeling.

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Hopefully you can take part in various Bunaken marine tourism activities during your holidays while preserving the underwater environment there!


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