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Unique and New Bung Karno Statue Made of Woven Bamboo in Bali

woven bamboo statue of Soekarno

Being the mecca of Indonesian tourism, Bali continues to innovate in tourism. This time there is something unique and new on the Island of the Gods. Quoted from bali news id (15/9/2022) Ubud artists make a statue of Bung Karno from woven bamboo.

Bung Karno Statue Woven Bamboo

Not only is the material made from it unusual, the statue is also jumbo sized. Having a height of 15 meters, the weight of the Bung Karno statue is estimated at 3 tons. It is not surprising that this statue is said to be the tallest bamboo statue in the world.

The statue of Bung Karno from woven bamboo was made by dozens of artists from Banjar Kelingkung in Lodtunduh Village, Ubud, Gianyar Regency.

One of the artists involved in creating the statue of the Proclaimer of the Republic of Indonesia was Agus Eri Putra. He said, the work on this statue took a long time. “We involved almost fifteen young people in this work. "The work has been going on for two months," he said on Wednesday (14/9/2022).

The process of making this statue starts from sorting the bamboo first. After that, the bamboo is cut into pieces and there is a kneading or weaving process. To make a detailed pattern resembling Soekarno, it took approximately two months.

Meanwhile, to make a statue of Bung Karno from woven bamboo, hundreds of bamboo poles are needed. The bamboo used was imported from Bangli Regency.

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Work Almost Completed

Until now, the process of working on the statue of Bung Karno from woven bamboo has reached 90 percent. Once the work is complete, the statue will be placed at the Alas Harum tourist attraction in Tegallalang, Gianyar. It is hoped that the statue of the Proclaimer will become a new tourist icon on the Island of the Gods as well as complete it spot interesting in the Tegalalang area.

The name just mentioned is an interesting tourist spot in Gianyar District, Bali which offers landscapes Natural Landscape green terraced rice fields or terraces. In this place, Travela buddy You can enjoy the cool air while walking around the rice fields.

The green scenery makes anyone not want to leave immediately. Moreover, the atmosphere is beautiful and calm, far from the noise of the city, very suitable for a moment to step aside and relax from busy work activities.

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Alas Harum Agrotourism

One of the interesting places in the rice field area is Alas Harum Agrotourism. This place offers a variety of interesting spots for taking photos, from Dancing Bridge, Bird Nest, Pekak Brayut, Gorillas, Glass Flooring, to Education Temple.

Dancing Bridge itself is a swinging bridge. Trying to pass it offers the sensation of being 'nervous' and exciting at the same time. If you want to boost your adrenaline, you can take photos at the Bird Nest, which is a roundabout shaped like a bird's nest and made from twigs.

Under this 'nest' there is a net as a safety net, so... Travela buddy no need to worry. Of course, with the Bung Karno Statue made of woven bamboo that is planned to be placed here, practically there are more and more spot Alas Harum's photo. (y)


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