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Ciletuh Sukabumi Geopark

Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi

Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi can be a recommended tourist destination for a vacation.

The phrase maybe the Maha was smiling when he created Indonesia was not an exaggeration. Because there are indeed many hidden paradises that you can find in go travel Indonesia.

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For example, the Ciletuh Sukabumi Geopark which holds many hidden paradises. What is clear is that you will not be disappointed if you stop at this one hits tour.

About Ciletuh Geopark

This one destination is actually not a new tour, because it has long been a tourism icon. Its existence keeps an interesting record in addition to having an extraordinary panorama.

Ciletuh Palabuhan Ratu Unesco Global Geopark whose full name is an area that has an area of ​​​​about 126 hectares. Where about 30,3% is part of Sukabumi.

Tracing the trail of this tour further, you seem to be transported to the past, to be precise, around 60 million years ago. Because this tour is part of the past process.

Where continental plates reveal oceanic crust that has mixed the mantle. Making the rocks have been mixed with the earth's trough or what is known as Melange.

Tourist Spots That Can Be Visited

1. Cimarinjung waterfall

Because it is a unique Geopark area, in the Ciletuh Sukabumi Geopark area you can find many tourist spots. Like Curug Cimarinjung which is very beautiful.

The flow is not too big but falls from a majestic cliff which makes it even more beautiful. The presence of ancient rocks also makes it unique.

2. Kunti Island

Not only waterfalls, you can also find tours nautical in this Geopark area. Kunti Island, for example, is taken from the name Dewi Kunti in wayang.

The atmosphere is still natural and will provide an extraordinary panorama. You can do snorkeling and diving activities on this island to peek under the sea.

3. The peak of Dharma

This one tour is complete, not only waterfalls and beaches you can also find beautiful hills. At Puncak Darma, you will be invited to enjoy this Geopark area from a height.

At an altitude of 230 meters, visitors can enjoy the beach, waterfalls to the majestic forest. The atmosphere is beautiful and also has an unspeakably beautiful sunset sunrise.

4. Peak of the Monument

Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi also has a Tugu Peak which is included in an easy-to-reach spot. You will be invited to enjoy the nature of the Geopark area from above. The facilities are complete and equipped with several spots to take beautiful photos that are deliberately provided.

5. Palangpang Beach

It can be said that this beach is the starting gate to explore the marine charm of the Ciletuh Geopark. It has brownish beach sand, its coastline is also long which is suitable for playing around the beach.

The waves are quite high with the mountains surrounding this marine tourism. Only then can you continue exploring other beautiful beaches.

Ways to Access Ciletuh Geopark Tourism

If you are interested in exploring everything in the Geopark, you must visit the Geopark Information center first.

From Palabuhanratu to Cisolok can be a starting point and continue to the core area. Which consists of Simpenan, Loji Beach, Tamanjaya, Girimukti to the end of the tile. What is clear is that exploring the Ciletuh Sukabumi Geopark will be fun.

There are many tourist spots in Ciletuh Geopark and many others. Visiting this tour, you will be charged a different entrance fee for each spot.

And the most important thing is to do careful planning, because there are some that need a struggle to reach. The facilities that you can find in every tourist spot are also complete.

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