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Gili Kedis Tourism

Gili Kedis tour

Gili Kedis Tourism is a very beautiful tourist spot in Lombok. Although its size is smaller than other dykes in Lombok, the charm of Gili Kedis Lombok is really beautiful.

Photo by @cariboulombok

It's amazing the scenery on Gili Kedis. You will see a wide stretch of white sand. Combined with the blue sea water.

In addition to beautiful scenery, under the sea also holds a stunning charm. Many tourists know that here is a paradise of underwater beauty.

Here you can see a lot of diverse marine life. Beautiful colorful fish running around into a beautiful sight. Coupled with the rock that looks unique and beautiful.

Buddy can rent a snorkeling boat on gili nanggu to go to the Gili Kedis location or take the snorkeling package.

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The state of the underwater world is still natural. It has not been touched by human hands at all. If you like snorkeling, this is the right place to enjoy it.

If you travel here you will feel very relaxed. The beautiful scenery is really able to spoil the eye. Lying on the beach accompanied by a light breeze becomes a pleasant thing.

Gili Kedis Tourist Attractions

If you are here you will feel like you are on a private island. The atmosphere is calm away from the crowds. No wonder this tourist spot is a favorite spot for domestic and foreign tourists.

1. Paradise for Snorkelers

The beauty of the beautiful underwater world makes it worthy to be called a paradise for snorkeling lovers.

It is true that Lombok Island is famous for its beautiful underwater scenery. Including Gili Kedis.

Under the sea there are many fish that swim to and fro. Plus the charm of coral reefs makes it even more beautiful.

The manager has provided snorkeling equipment. So if you travel here, you don't have to worry anymore. Everything is well prepared. Usually the rental price is includes this tour package to Gili Kedis.

2. Awesome View

It turns out that the existence of Gili Kedis is not widely known by people. This makes it less crowded. This calming condition makes people love it. You can relax without being disturbed by the crowds of other tourists.

You won't even find many sellers selling their wares. Truly feels on a relaxing private island.

The sea water here is so clear. From above you can see what's in the sea water so clearly. The vast stretch of white sand is very pleasing to the eye. This place is perfect for your vacation with your beloved family.

3. Photo Spot For Prewedding or Honeymoon

Many people also take advantage of the beautiful scenery on Gili Kedis for foor prewedding or honeymoon.

Its very natural atmosphere with a beautiful ocean background makes it instagrammable. You can come here with your partner for a honeymoon.

Address and Route

Gili Kedis tourism is a highly recommended place for a vacation to enjoy nature. The location is on the island of Lombok, precisely in the Gili Already area. This area is close to Sekotong, which is in the southwest of Lombok.

Usually the tourists depart from the city of Mataram. From here the distance that needs to be taken is about 41 km. The journey takes about 1 hour if you ride a motorbike. Calm down, the terrain is easy to pass so you don't have to worry, buddy.

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The beauty of Gili Kedis tourism is able to hypnotize everyone who comes there. If you have the opportunity to come here, you will definitely want to come again because of the beauty it has. Let's prepare your vacation well so that it goes smoothly.


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