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Indonesian Snacks Liked by Caucasians To Viral

Indonesian Snacks

Do you know, travel buddies, snacks from Indonesia that are idols for Caucasian tourists?

And Sangking's idol, this snack has become a topic of conversation in their respective countries.

Until there were some foreign guests who bought up and longed to return to Indonesia for the reason of these snacks.


Grace Rumondor

Grace Rumondor is the founder of Go Travela Indonesia. Her favorite culinary topics are History and Cooking Techniques.

Snacks from Indonesia that are loved by foreign tourists and have gone viral and gone global!

Indonesian Snacks

Did you know that on YouTube reviews and Star Hotels, there are lots of snacks from Indonesia that are served, which are discussed and liked by foreign tourists.

Starting from the form of crispy, fried, croquettes, pudding to drinks. What a treat Archipelago Culinary we are second to none and global.

Snacks Original Hits Indonesia

So, are you curious about what these snacks are? Come on, see the complete review as follows:

Fried bananas

The main ingredients for making fried bananas are kepok banana and plantain. This snack is an everyday snack that is quite commonly eaten by Indonesian people.

This snack comes in various versions, where the fruit is simply fried using shallow oil or coated with flour mixture before frying until golden.

Fried Banana Snack From Indonesia

Not only are they often modified with melted milk, sweet chocolate and cheese, but fried bananas also have different names in various regions of the archipelago.

Fried gedhang in Java or godoh biu in Bali. Traditionally, you can find this snack from Indonesia in carts or roadside stalls.

Fried Banana Snack From Indonesia

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Basically, Indonesian chips have a savory and sweet taste, there are even sweet and spicy to savory and spicy variants with various levels.

The basic ingredients are potatoes, fruit, vegetables, or fish. There are also those from breadfruit, taro, salak, and jackfruit which you will also encounter a lot.

variety of chips

To make chips, cut all the raw vegetables and fruit into thin pieces and then fry them using vegetable oil until crispy.

Well, quite popular varieties include banana chips and cassava chips.

Apart from that, chips are also very diverse, such as those made from chicken feet, chilies, sea cucumbers, spinach, cassava and sweet potatoes.

In fact, there is always room for various types of chips to emerge with new ingredients, thereby enriching the variety of this snack.

indonesian chips

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Fried meatballs

Fried meatballs are a crunchy Peranakan snack. Usually meatballs consist of a combination of beef, shrimp, fish and chicken, or one of them.

So, to make fried meatballs, process the meatballs using ground beef with a mixture of garlic, pepper, eggs, wheat flour, salt, sugar and starch.

The most delicious is usually served hot using chili sauce.

Fried meatballs

Fried food

The next snack from Indonesia is fried food. Gorengan is a generic name for various typical Indonesian fried snacks. Both sweet and savory, fried foods usually combine egg mixture using various additions such as tofu, sweet potatoes, jackfruit, tempeh and bananas.

fried food

These ingredients can be shaped into fine slices, then put them in the mixture and fry until cooked.

Even though there are various types, of course some varieties that are quite popular are fried sweet potatoes, fried bananas, fried tofu, fried cassava and fried aci.


Lemper is a savory snack made from glutinous rice and the inside is filled with fish, shredded, or shredded chicken, then rolled in foil or banana leaves.

After wrapping in banana leaves, some preparations still have to be grilled to get a smoky aroma.


Well, the chicken version of lemper is usually called chicken lemper, while the other version that is similar to lemper is Semar has a fever.

Semar mendem is a type of lemper, a mixture of shredded chicken and sticky rice, but wrapped in a thin omelet.


This Indonesian snack has two versions, savory and sweet.

Generally, the toppings used are mashed nuts, chocolate sprinkles, jackfruit, oncom Fermented, bananas, sugar, while modern additions include ice cream, sausage, or meat.


Serabi has a shape similar to this small pancake, which comes from the Sundanese word "sura" which means big.

One of the snacks or snacks in Indonesian markets and has become an idol since 1923 ago.

You can find pancakes all over the island of Java, but usually Serabi is more prestige in the city of Solo and Bandung.

Fruit salad

Fruit salad itself consists of fresh fruits with a sweet, bland or sour taste. Served with a sweet and spicy sauce containing palm sugar. The chili sauce or sauce is not only made from palm sugar, of course it also contains water, tamarind paste, fried peanuts, and cayenne pepper.


Sometimes fruit rujak also has variations of shrimp paste or petis. Some of the fruits in rujak usually include young mango, apple, Kedondong, pineapple and papaya.


Bakwan is a snack from Indonesia that is mixed with flour, then fried. Generally, the ingredients for flour dough are wheat flour or rice flour, sometimes also a combination of both.

Then mix the flour with water, baking powder, eggs and selected spices. Then mix with various finely grated vegetables such as cabbage, spring onions, bean sprouts and carrots.

Usually bakwan is found at roadside street vendors with pasta using peanut sauce and fresh chilies as a spicy savory addition.


Well, one of the most famous snacks is batagor with spicy sauce. Of course this snack is rooted in Chinese culinary traditions, and has left its mark on many Indonesian dishes.

The basic fish ingredients in making this dish include tuna, mackerel, shrimp and mackerel. Sometimes there are also vegetarian additions such as cabbage, tofu or potatoes.

Batagor Snacks From Indonesia

Batagor is the perfect snack for big city residents because it is practical to serve. Siomay/batagor Cut into small pieces then sprinkle with peanut sauce, with a little chili sauce and a little lime juice.

This Indonesian snack became popular in Bandung in the 1980s, but today you can find batagor in almost all of Indonesia.

Well, because it's fast food, you can find this snack at street vendors to malls and some restaurants in big cities.

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As a traditional fish cake originating from South Sumatra, Bengkulu, Palembang, Jambi, to Lampung. Pempek is a snack made from tapioca flour and ground fish meat.

The origin of this snack actually comes from the city of Palembang. To get a delicious and crunchy taste, this pempek is then fried to make it a snack.

Pempek Snacks From Indonesia

If you go to Palembang, you will find this snack in the morning as breakfast for local residents there.

Usually this Indonesian snack is served with noodles and sliced ​​cucumber and dab with cuko sauce made from tamarind water, brown sugar, and chili.

Indonesian Snacks Liked by Caucasians To Viral


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