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Interesting Activities in Gili Trawangan


This time, Gotravela Indonesia will invite you to explore interesting activities in Gili Trawangan. As is well known, the name just mentioned is one of 2 other famous Gilis in Lombok, namely Gili Meno and Gili Air. Despite its small size, around 3 × 2 km2, this island offers a variety of pleasures.

Seeing Sunrise and Sunset

One of the interesting activities in Gili Trawangan is to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Why?! How can that be done?! Yup, this is because the biggest dyke (dyke) in Lombok has a landscape facing east and west. That way, you can enjoy the beauty of the sun both when it appears and it 'ends' leadership towards the contest.

Enjoying the Night on the Beach

After watching the beauty of the sunset, don't go to the hotel and relax in front of the TV! The reason is, there are other interesting activities in Gili Trawangan at night. You can have a culinary tour with a variety of dishes, both Indonesian and Western food, at the night market which starts at 6 pm. Then, you can specifically have dinner by the beach with a variety of fresh seafood. In addition, along the main Gili T route there are many bars that offer fun night parties by the beach with live music. This beach party starts at 7 pm

Explore the scenery by bicycle to Cidomo

However, if you don't like partying, no problem. Go to your bed and wake up tomorrow to enjoy another atmosphere of Gili T in a unique way. Known as a motorized vehicle-free area, here you can explore nature by walking or cycling. The small size of the island allows you to do these two activities. Apart from that, there are other ways to enjoy the natural beauty of this island without putting you out of energy, namely by taking the Cidomo. This is a traditional Lombok mini-horse carriage. Going around on it will give you an unforgettable experience.

Cycling in the Gili Trawangan area
Underwater Exploration

However, exploring underwater is the most interesting activity in Gili Trawangan compared to the others. Most tourists, both domestic and foreign, do go to this island for snorkeling. Under the water you will find a variety of colorful fish with unique coral reefs. One interesting thing is that you will be able to sit on turtles swimming freely in the ocean.

How to get to Gili Trawangan

Then, how to get to Gili Trawangan? Yes, if you are in Bali, it's very easy! If you are in Ubud and its surroundings, you can choose to sail from Padang Bai Harbor. Then, if you are in the South Bali area, such as Kuta, Legian, Jimbaran, Seminyak or Canggu, go to Serangan Harbor. There are many fast boats that you can choose from Ostina Fast Boat, Eka Jaya Fast Boat, Dprabu Fast Boat, Golden queen, to INVINIA Fast Boat.

So, those are some interesting activities in Gili Trawangan. Make sure this island is included in your next vacation list when you go to Bali and Lombok. Don't hesitate to contact Gotravela Indonesia to get detailed information about various attractive holiday packages on these two paradise islands. Have fun preparing for the holidays. We are waiting for your arrival. (y)


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