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JK's suggestion regarding Komodo tickets: Lower it to IDR 1 million

JK's suggestion regarding lowering Komodo tickets

After a week of implementation, the new tariff for entering Komodo National Park is still in the spotlight and this is JK's suggestion regarding Komodo tickets. As already Travela buddy listen and read Definitely, Ticket increase Komodo National Park to IDR 3,75 million, there are many cons.

Former Vice President Jusuf Kalla or who is familiarly called JK also gave advice on the ideal entrance ticket to Komodo National Park. JK's suggestion regarding Komodo tickets is to reduce them to IDR 1 million.

JK Proposes Limited Visitor Tickets

According to JK, the new tariff on Komodo Island and Padar Island, which reaches IDR 3,75 million, is considered too expensive. He suggested that it would be better to reduce it to IDR 1 million and limit the number of visitors per day.

"So we lowered the tariff by IDR 1 million and we limited the number of visitors to 500 per day, which is more appropriate," he said in a press release as quoted from travel seconds (8 / 8 / 2022).

Komodo island

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The New Seven Wonders 2012

JK's further suggestion regarding Komodo tickets, the former vice president who also served as an ambassador for winning Komodo as the new 7 wonders of the world, The New Seven Wonders 2012-2013, also feels concerned about the strike action on tourist services in Labuhan Bajo, especially on Komodo Island.

He was more concerned because the action was applying for an entrance ticket of IDR 3,75 million for Komodo tourism.

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He further Highlighted that Implementation rate New arrivals to Komodo Island, which are so high, can have a disruptive impact on various sectors of the community's economy.

"Meanwhile, many people depend on this sector for their livelihoods. Hospitality, culinary, shipping, small business units, communities and fishermen, fish catchers who help meet the needs of local residents are also affected.

"Similarly, flights that were previously busy were also at risk of losing passengers," he explained in more depth.

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Jusuf Kala's analysis

Responding to JK's proposal regarding Komodo tickets, he also gave JK's suggestion regarding Komodo tickets to reduce the entry fee to Komodo National Park to IDR 1 million. “Therefore, this tariff needs to be evaluated. I propose that the rates be reduced to, say, IDR 1 million and visitors limited to a quota, for example 500 people per day.

So, this figure can be measured at IDR 500 million per day, and per month it can be IDR 15 billion. "That's more certain," he added, providing an analysis of income with this tariff scheme. With these rates, tourism in Labuhan Bajo is expected to be able to operate normally. The community will be able to regain income as restaurant, hotel, car, motorbike and other rental services open.

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Komodo Tourism is Different from Bali

Meanwhile, tourism to Komodo Island cannot be compared to Bali. JK said that tourist visits to Komodo Island might only be once in a lifetime and not for them to come again and again.

Therefore, he suggested that it should be able to provide tranquility in tourist areas. "The important thing is that you've seen it. So tourism must provide tranquility. "If the tourist area is not calm, there are lots of demonstrations, then tourists will not come," he said again. (y)

JK's suggestion about Komodo tickets


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