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Jogja's Unique Culinary Recommendation for Extreme Yogyakarta Food

Jogja's Unique Culinary

Lovers of the unique culinary of Jogja, remember that when playing there, don't forget to taste the unique culinary specialties of Jogja in this article.

We will explore starting from Wonosari Gunung Kidul to Kaliurang, this extreme & unique Jogja culinary.


Grace Rumondor

Grace Rumondor is the founder of Go Travela Indonesia. Her favorite culinary topics are History and Cooking Techniques.

YogyakartaThis city with a million charms has become one of the favorite cities for travelers. Nickname the City with the title Student City It has many interesting and unique tourist attractions.

Jogja's Unique Culinary

One of the things that makes it easy for travelers to forget this city is its culinary delights which always pamper the tongue and give satisfaction to the taste every time they go on a culinary tour.

Not to mention the affordable price, making anyone who has a culinary tour in Yogyakarta will not regret it.

If you have a culinary tour by tasting gudeg, which is a typical food of Jogja, it may be frequent.

Especially if you taste the gudeg Mbah Elder Lindu Sang legenda gudeg jogja which has been selling for more than 80 years around Jalan Sosrowijayan, Gedongtengen, Yogyakarta City.

Sweet Authentic Tasted

But the famous culinary in Jogja is not only about sweet/sweet food. But there are still anti-mainstream tasted culinary and other unique preparations that are worth trying and tasting.

So, in this article, we will discuss these unique culinary delights. Here is the discussion.

Jogja's unique culinary, you can't miss tasting it

1. Fried Walang Pak Gareng

To feel how delicious Walang Goreng is, you don't have to go all the way to the White Elephant country, Thailand.

Walang Fried Food Typical Jogja

You can now enjoy this unique food in Jogja, precisely in Gunung Kidul.

Fried Walang Pak Gareng

The taste of this food is almost like shrimp. Don't worry, the cooking method of Walang Goreng is very clean, the dirt and grasshopper wings have been cleaned first.

There are three flavors to choose from, namely spicy, spicy and savory.

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2. Turkey Porridge

If you eat chicken porridge, you must be used to it, right? But, have you ever tried eating turkey porridge? If not, when traveling to Jogja, you must taste this unique culinary.

Precisely in the area of ​​Jl. Godean KM 4 Yogyakarta. Turkey Porridge BURJON ready to pamper your tongue while giving you a feeling of fullness.

Turkey porridge, typical food of Jogja

The texture of turkey meat is almost the same as free-range chicken, but softer plus a delicious yellow gravy guaranteed to make you addicted.

No wonder this turkey porridge is very popular, even in just three years it can open several branches.

3. Trash Soto

If you hear from the name, you will definitely be strange but curious about how the taste of this soup. Soto trash, don't think of it as a soto filled with garbage, that's not it.

The name for the Jogja Soto Junk food was inspired by its appearance, which is unlike other foods, which are arranged neatly and neatly.

Jogja's Unique Culinary Trash Soto
Jogja's Unique Culinary Trash Soto

But the contents of the soup in the form of white rice, cabbage, bean sprouts, vermicelli, fried onions and celery are piled up just like that.

One of the things that makes this soto, which has been around since the 1970s, still a lot of fans is the characteristic of the seasoning that is still pulverized, not milled or in a blender, so the taste will be more stable.

Jogja's special food, Soto Garbage

So, for those of you who just don't eat soto trash, you can add snack others such as tofu, tempeh, chicken satay, cakes, bakwan or eggs.

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4. Sate Donald

Chicken satay, goat satay or beef satay, surely you have often eaten it. But, what about duck satay? Have you ever eaten it? Well if you haven't, you should try the culinary duck satay when visiting Jogja.

Precisely in the Kaliurang area, you can find several sellers of duck satay among the sellers of rabbit satay.

Processing duck or enthok is indeed difficult, because if you process the meat incorrectly, the meat will be tough.

But don't worry, Jogja duck satay sellers have their own ways and recipes so they can make this unique food have a very delicious taste and soft texture.

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So that's a variety of unique culinary that you must try when traveling to Jogja. Don't miss out on not tasting it, especially for those of you who like to eat unusual foods.

After all, to reach the location is very easy and not far from the center of the city of Jogja.

Guaranteed you will be addicted after knowing the taste of these unique foods.

Happy traveling & trying!

Jogja's Unique Culinary Lovers, Let's Try Yogyakarta's Extreme Food


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