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Jogja Tourism Village

tourist village in Jogja

The tourist village of Jogja is a choice of interesting tourist destinations to visit. There are three tourist villages in Yogyakarta that are highly recommended. What are those? Let's discuss.

Jogja tourism village
Photo by Iniyogyakarta

If you want a vacation to Jogja, here are some recommendations for interesting tourist attractions in Jogja. Usually when we want to go on vacation, there are times when we feel confused about where to go. Well, you can visit a tourist village in Jogja.

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The reason is, there are several tourist villages in Yogyakarta that are suitable for your vacation, you know.

3 Tourist Villages in Jogja

Here are 3 tourist villages in Jogja that you can make a vacation spot.

1. Bendhung Lepen

Previously, Bendhung Lepen was a place for irrigation canals. In this place there is a village park that is not taken care of. Then, be this tourist village.

The cleanliness of this village is so well maintained and maintained thanks to the awareness of the youth. Then be this village with a clean view and comfortable for traveling.

The location of this Jogja tourist village is in Hulu Gajah Wong. Namely, it is located right in Mrican Village, Giwangan, Umbulharjo.

This place used to be a dirty river or river. But once cared for, it becomes a clean river full of fish. If you come here you can feed the fish swimming in the river.

Just pay Rp. 2.000 you know. Usually, visitors come in the morning and evening when the weather is not so hot.

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2. Ledok Sambi

Ledok Sambi is a tourist village in Yogyakarta that has a beautiful atmosphere. You will feel the feel of an unspoiled countryside. This is the attraction of Ledok Sambi Village.

From downtown Jogja, the distance is about 18 km. Precisely located on the south side of Mount Merapi.

When you enter the Ledok Sambi Village area, you will see its natural beauty. It's not wrong if you vacation here with your beloved family. Because you can spend time in a quiet and cool place.

Here are some activities you can do with your family. For example Flying Fox, batik, Paintball and so on.

If you like camping, you can also make a tent in this village. This tourist village also provides camping or camping packages outbound.

You should come to this Jogja tourist village in the morning. In the morning the air is still very cool.

This tourist village is open every day from 09.00 WIB to 16.30 WIB.

3. Taman Sari

Surely you are familiar with the name Sari Garden. Yes, Taman Sari which has an area of ​​10 hectares is so famous. Not only among local tourists, but also famous among foreign tourists.

In this tourist village there are 57 buildings. Consisting of bathing pools, buildings, suspension bridges, artificial lakes, underwater passageways, water canals and artificial islands.

One of the attractions that attract tourists is the pool of water. This pool of water is surrounded by a fort that is about 6 meters high.

If you want to go to tourist attractions that have historical and cultural values, Taman Sari is the choice.

You can learn about the cultural heritage of the Yogyakarta Palace here. Taman Sari is located in the Yogyakarta Palace complex. More precisely, it is south of Ngasem Market.

The name of the village is Kampung Taman, Kec Keraton, Yogyakarta City.

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Those are 3 tourist villages in Jogja that are suitable for vacation. Which vacation village do you think you choose? If you have enough time, you can visit all three. Happy vacation ya.


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