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Karma Kandara Beach

karma kandara beach

Karma Kandara Beach is a private beach in Bali. Karma Kandara Beach has a relaxing atmosphere, unlike most beaches. Usually a lot of visitors who come so it is very crowded.

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Karma Kandara Beach is the right choice for those of you who want to get a calm atmosphere. This beach is deliberately devoted to a calm atmosphere. The price of admission here is quite expensive. But comparable to the charm of beauty and serenity that is obtained.

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Karma Kandara Beach Attraction

What are the interesting things in this tourist attraction? Here are some of them.

1. The Beauty of the Beach Panorama

The scenery at Karma Kandara Beach is so beautiful. In addition, the quiet atmosphere is also a special value in itself.

Visitors can enjoy the beauty around quietly. This quiet atmosphere is favored by visitors. It is located on a steep cliff in Bali. Approximately the height of the cliff is 150 meters.

2.Private Beach

Karma Kandara Beach is classified as a private beach. The atmosphere is quiet because it is exclusive.

Around the beach there are not many street vendors. So this beach is intended for visitors who are looking for a quiet place.

3. White Sand Beach

On the beach, you will see a beautiful stretch of white sand. This view adds an exotic impression to the beach. Because it is in a hidden place, Karma Kandara Beach is very clean. In fact, free of air pollution.

The management is very concerned about the cleanliness of this beach. You will not find trash strewn around tourist attractions.

4. Swimming and Snorkeling

If you are on vacation here, you can do a variety of fun activities. For example swimming and snorkeling.

By using tools for snorkeling, you will see the underwater scenery clearly. The sea water at Karma Kandara Beach is shallow, so you don't have to worry about safety.

The sea water is clear so that the marine life below can be seen clearly. Keep in mind, if you want to snorkel, make sure to bring your own equipment. Because, here there is no equipment rental.

5. Stairs and Elevator to the Beach

Karma Kandara Beach is behind a steep cliff. To get there, visitors have to pass 340 steps. Of course, the steep road makes visitors have to have high guts. Excellent stamina is also required.

However, if you are reluctant to go through the stairs, visitors can take the elevator. Of course it's not free because you have to pay a fee. However, taking the elevator to the beach will be a very pleasant experience. The elevator will go down the cliff past the green hill. Wow!

6. Canoeing

What is a canoe? A canoe is a boat that you can ride on the beach. Here there is a canoe rental, complete with life jacket rental.

You can get around the beach by canoe. An unforgettable experience. When riding a canoe, you will see a view of a stretch of blue beach with cliff walls.

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7. Natural Pond

Around Karma Kandara Beach there is a natural pool. This pool is formed by a rock overhang. The water that fills the pool is very calm and shallow. So it's safe to swim. From here, you can soak while enjoying the panoramic view of the beach.

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Karma Kandara Beach Location

Karma Kandara Beach is located in Ungasan Village, South Kuta, Badung Bali. The distance from Denpasar is 27 km.

Karma Kandara Beach is an exclusive beach because it is a private beach. Prepare more funds for a vacation to this tourist attraction. The price charged is very appropriate for what you get. So beautiful beach!


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