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Labuan Bajo's Hill of Love

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Bukit Cinta in Labuan Bajo is one of the interesting tourist attractions that deserves to be visited.

If you usually see the arid East Nusa Tenggara area, it is different from this hill.

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What is this Love Hill like?

From the name it looks like a hill located on Mount Semeru. The same is called the Hill of Love. But in Labuan Bajo there is no myth about love. The name Bukit Cinta is because there are many visitors who are lovers who spend their time on this hill. So the name is Hill of Love.

The best time to visit here is in the afternoon. In the afternoon, the place is cool. It's different during the day. The sun is hot enough to make it uncomfortable when it hits the skin.

So many tourists who arrive at 4 to 5 pm. At this time you can get a beautiful view of the charming sunset.

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Location of Love Hill Labuan Bajo

Bukit Cinta Labuan Bajo is precisely located in West Manggarai, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. The location of Bukit Cinta is not far from Labuan Bajo Airport. You can go to this hill by renting a car or renting a motorbike. The journey takes approximately 10 minutes. Close enough isn't it.

The beauty of the hill of love

To reach the top of the hill you need about 10 minutes to 15 minutes. Yes, this includes light trekking. However, you need to be alert and careful because the road is quite steep.

This hill is overgrown with weeds as high as 30-50 cm. From a distance it looks stunning. If exposed to the wind, these swaying weeds become "friends" of tourists enjoying nature.

Once you reach the top you will get a very beautiful view. Blue sea and green hills. Of course, there is nothing to lose on a tiring trip. Because once at the top, everything paid off.

If you climb to the top of Bukit Cinta in the afternoon, you can enjoy the sunset. Many tourists call this place a golden sunset spot. Even if you are tired of going up to the top of the hill, the beauty of the sunset can be enjoyed in the middle of the hill.

Selain pemandangan sunset yang indah, kamu juga akan melihat kapal-kapal yang ada di Harbor. Bila malam sudah tiba, lampu-lampu kota terlihat kelap kelip menjadi pemandangan cantik.

Tips for the Hills

It doesn't feel right if you go to Bukit Cinta, Labuan Bajo, it doesn't reach its peak. Well, if you intend to climb to the top, there are tips that we can follow.

The first tip, you should choose footwear that is comfortable to wear for walking. Remember, steep and uphill roads will be easier to pass if you wear comfortable footwear. In addition, prepare physically as well. Make sure your body is in top shape. Although not very high, but the journey reaches peak the hill is quite tiring.

Then, bring supplies of drinks and food. If you feel thirsty or hungry, at the top no one is selling. You can rest for a while if you feel tired while traveling. Don't push if you feel tired.  

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At night usually many lovers are on this hill. But during the day, most who come are tourists who want to enjoy the beautiful view from the top of the hill. Bukit Cinta is also a favorite place for photographers to capture the northern part of Labuan Bajo.

Wow, the natural charm of Labuan Bajo is so amazing. One of them is Love Hill. You can invite your partner for a walk here.


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