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Labuan Bajo Rangko Cave | Rangko's Natural Pond

Labuan Bajo Rangko Cave

Indonesia has natural beauty to be grateful for and of course a visit is the Stamp Cave Labuan Bajo.

My best vacation is somewhere I can hide, somewhere warm and not a lot of people around.

The more you open your eyes, the more amazing places you need to visit. Not only mountains and beaches, Indonesia also has a combination of the two.

Stamp cave entrance

Labuan Bajo Rangko Cave

Labuan Bajo Stamp Cave is an example of the power of the Almighty in creating. So that you don't wonder what if you listen to reviews of extraordinary objects on Komodo and Flores East Nusa Tenggara below.

Never imagine that Goa is a scary dark place, because that perception will collapse if you see the beauty of Rangko Cave in Rangko village, West Manggarai.

If you are looking for a place like Derek Jester said in his quote, namely My best vacation is somewhere I could hide, somewhere warm and not a lot of people around, then Goa Rangko is the best.

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The Beauty of Rangko's Natural Pond

You will feel like swimming in a private pool and most importantly this place has not been visited by many. You will certainly get the best vacation if you come at the right time.

Labuan Bajo Cave Rangko

Architectural works of nature in the cave can be a sight that is certainly soothing to the eye. Rangko Labuan Bajo Cave is a destination that you must visit to be able to feel yourself swimming in a natural pool like a private pool.

The water in this cave is salty water which is thought to come from sea water that enters a gap or cavity that makes sea water connect to the pool. You can feel the serenity that makes you peaceful, although occasionally there will be bats that enter the cave.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit this pool is before sunset, which is around 12.00 to 14.00.

This is because at that time the condition of Goa was not dark because the sun had not yet set. Sunlight will also make the water look very blue and clear.

Pier on Rangko Cave

The beauty of this cave is certainly worth feeling, there's nothing wrong with you also taking some photos as a memento. You can also create moments that you will never forget with your partner, family or friends while taking selfies here.

The entrance ticket to Rangka Cave is free of charge or free because this beautiful Cave does not yet have an official levy. You can also come at any time because this attraction is a tourist attraction that has not been visited by many.

So you should try this beautiful tourist attraction in NTT. Inadequate access makes you have to rent a boat to take you to this hidden paradise.

There are still many hidden paradises in a 1 day trip

Not only has Rongka Cave, Labuan Bajo also has other destinations that make your vacation more optimal. These destinations will offer the beauty of the coast to the typical hills of NTT that will make your tiredness disappear.

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From Labuan Bajo you can also visit Komodo Island and other islands which are no doubt exotic. You can visit this island alone or with a group.

When you don't have a long vacation time, you don't need to worry because there is a 1-day Labuan Bajo trip that you can arrange yourself or with tour and travel services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rangko Cave
The best way to see Rangko Caves?

We think the best way to visit the stamp cave is by
1. You can join our Labuan Bajo Half-day Tour offer
2. You can also join the Sailing Komodo Tour with us
3. You can visit the cave when you arrive at Labuan Bajo or on your last day in Labuan Bajo (before departure) by car rental in Labuan Bajo with us.
Google rent a Labuan Bajo car

What hotels are near Rangko Caves?

Actually, in Rangko Cave itself and its surroundings, there are no adequate hotels or inns. Because the location is still remote, this is an alternative hotel that we can recommend

Hotels near Rangko Cave:
– (11.3 km) Theodor Hotel
– (10.4 km) Tanjung Lima Villas Labuan Bajo
– (6.56 miles) Plataran Komodo Resort
– (6.61 miles) AYANA Komodo Resort
– (6.44 miles) Sunset Hill Hotel

What restaurants are near Rangko Caves?

Restaurants near Rangko Cave:
1. Baccala Bajo distance 11 km
2. CAFE.IN.HIT Coffee Shop looted 11.6 km
3. Atlantis On The Rock by Plataran 10 km
4. Catur'z Kopi Club distance 11 km
5. Warung Mama distance 11.5 km

What attractions are near Rangko Caves?

Attractions near Rangko Cave:
1. Kalong (Flying Foxes) Island distance 10.3 km
2. Kelor Island distance 9 km
3. Komodo National Park distance 10.7 km
4. Batu Cermin Cave distance 8.8 km

Labuan Bajo Boat Rentals

It's even more fun if you rent a boat in bajo which can be used to explore Labuan Bajo without limits.


It is undeniable that sea transportation is the only transportation that will take you on a pleasant vacation.

Traveling with a ship that you have ordered for a day trip certainly makes you free to arrange your vacation schedule to whichever place you want to visit.

You can visit the popular Pink Beach, there is also Padar Island which is no less cool than Rinca Island.

But if you want to meet directly with Orah or Komodo you can visit Rinca Island.

Bajo Snorkeling

Kanawa Island is also interesting to stop by for snorkeling or seeing the beauty of millions of starfish.

You can also do activities such as snorkeling if you do this one trip. Moreover, the underwater beauty of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara is inevitable.

Not only seeing the beauty of Goa Ronka Labuan Bajo, other hidden paradises are also waiting for you to explore.

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To get a comfortable vacation without interruption, it's a good idea to entrust your trip to us Go Travela Indonesia.

Not only providing boats that you can use to split the vast ocean of NTT, but also providing vacation package trips in Flores and car rentals in Flores.

With a reliable fleet and experienced crew, you can certainly get free vacation tips, but guaranteed because local residents will guide.

Moreover, Go Travela Indonesia also makes it easier for you to order and provides various travel tips on the official website.

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“Lamboan Bajo Stamp Cave”

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