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Malang Beach Destinations

Malang beach tour

The following 7 Malang beach destinations can be an option. Beach resorts in Malang are indeed famous for their beauty. Starting from the beautiful atmosphere to the amazingly beautiful natural charm.

Malang beach destination
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Malang is famous for having many beautiful beach attractions. In fact, the charm of this beach destination in Malang is similar to Bali and Raja Ampat. Wow, what kind of attraction is the beauty of the beach?

Beach Destinations in Malang

Here are 7 Malang beach destinations that can be your recommendations. Let's see!

1. Balekambang Beach

Balekambang Beach is one of the popular beaches in Malang. Here there is the Amertha Jati Temple. The location of this temple is on Coral Island. Because of this, Balekambang Beach is often called similar Tanah Lot in Bali.

The name of the Coral Island is Ismoyo Island. A 70 meter long bridge is an intermediary to this island.

The location of the beach is in Srigonco Village, Bantur District, Malang Regency. From the city of Malang is about 58 km.

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2. Ngantep Beach

From Balekambang Beach, you can go to Ngantep Beach. The distance from Balekambang Beach is only 6,6 km.

Ngantep Beach is classified as a natural beach. The waves here are quite big. Tourists are prohibited from bathing in the sea.

The hallmark of this beach is that it has a 50-meter-high coral cliff. Many people climbed up the cliff. From here the view of the beach is really beautiful.

3. Batu Bengkung Beach

Another poor beach destination, you can continue your vacation to Bengkung Beach. This beach at a glance looks like Ngantep Beach. Because, both have large rocks around the beach. The waves of this beach are big.

Tourists should not swim on the beach because it is dangerous. However, there are basins in the coastal area. Here you can swim. The depth of the basin is about 1,5 meters.

This basin is filled with water that comes from the waves crashing at high tide. Therefore, if the sea water is receding, the water in the basin is lost.

Batu Bengkung Beach is located in Gajahrejo Village, Gedangan, Malang Regency.

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4. Bajulmati Beach

Bajul means crocodile. That said, the origin of this beach is called Bajulmati Beach because there used to be dead crocodiles here. The distance from Batu Bengkung Beach is 4 km.

Bajulmati Beach is also surrounded by coral cliffs. The location of the beach is in Gajah Rejo Village, Gedangan, Malang.

5. Ungapan Beach

Ungapan Beach is often used as a camping location. There are special camping site facilities. The location of this beach is in Gajahrejo Village, Gedangan, Malang.

The attraction of the Malang beach destination on Ungapan Beach is that there are several small islands off the coast. This makes the view of the beach very beautiful.

6. Watu Leter Beach

This is the habitat of the gray turtle. You can see animals turtle spawn around the beach if lucky.

The view of the beach is also very beautiful. There are some rocks around the beach. This adds to the uniqueness of this tourist attraction.

Then, not far from the beach there is a mangrove forest and the estuary of the Sitiarjo River. You can get around by renting a boat.

Unlike the previous beaches, the waves here are not too big. So you can swim at the beach. The location of this beach is in Rowotrate Hamlet, Sitiarjo, Sumbermanjing.

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7. Goa China Beach

In the past, Goa China Beach was named Rowo Indah Beach. The origin of the naming of this beach is the discovery of the corpses of ethnic Chinese. Off this coast, there are three islands. The three islands are Goa Cina Island, Bantengan Beach, and Nyonya Island.

Those are 7 beach destinations in Malang that you can visit. Hope you have a nice holiday.


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