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Maluk Beach Tourism Destinations

Maluku beach tourism, Sumbawa

Maluk Beach tourist destinations can be your choice when on vacation to Sumbawa. This Maluk Sumbawa beach tourist spot is so enchanting.

Maluku beach tourist destinations
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Lombok Island and Sumbawa Island are two islands in West Nusa Tenggara Province. Maybe you are more familiar with Lombok Island.

Because Lombok Island is famous for its natural beauty. But did you know that Sumbawa Island is also no less beautiful. On Sumbawa Island there are many interesting tourist destinations. One of them is Maluk Beach.

Maluk Beach has amazing natural beauty. When compared with beaches on Lombok Island and Bali Island, this beach is no less beautiful.

It is proven that many tourists are attracted to traveling here. Not only local tourists, but also many foreign tourists who visit.

Maluk Beach Tourism Attractions

1. Charming White Sand

One of the beauties of Maluk Beach is that it has charming white sand. The sand texture here is also soft. So when you walk on this sand it will feel very comfortable.

The sand of this beach is so wide that it stretches from north to south. You can play as much as you like in the sand on the beach.

You can go around the beach without wearing footwear. Feel how the soft sand hits your feet. There is a special sensation that you can feel. Apart from going around the beach, you can play beach volleyball.

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2. Surfers' Favorite Place

The waves at Maluk Beach are perfect for surfing or surfing. That's because this beach is in a bay.

Many professional surfers from abroad come to surf on purpose. They came here to try out the waves at Maluk Beach.

The waves on this beach are nicknamed "Super Suck". This is because the beach waves are broken by a headland. This headland was named Tanjung Ahmad by local residents.

These waves break and roll up to a height of 2 meters. No wonder this beach is called a surfers paradise.

3. Green Hills

The natural scenery around Maluk Beach is very beautiful. You will see green trees growing abundantly on the hill.

Be a beautiful blend of green trees, white sand and blue ocean.

Anyone will be amazed when they see this natural landscape.

4. Canoeing

There is also canoe rental here. You can rent a canoe to surround the bay on this beach. It would definitely be fun if you could ride a canoe. Every tourist who comes here definitely tries to ride a canoe. You can enjoy nature with satisfaction. From the top of the canoe you can see the clear sea water. Because the water is clear, coral reefs and fish can be seen clearly.

5. Turtle Hatchery

Apart from traveling to enjoy natural scenery, you can also gain additional insight, you know. At the Maluk beach tourist destination, there is a turtle breeding place.

You can watch how the turtles are cared for, until the eggs hatch. After hatching, the turtles will be released into the sea.

The place captivity this is on the beach. The types of turtles that are cultivated include black turtles, hawksbill turtles and green turtles.

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Beach Opening Hours

Maluk Beach is open every day from Monday to Sunday. Open 07.00 – 18.00 WITA. Actually this beach is not closed for 24 hours. However, the guards will only be on duty during operating hours.

Please come in the morning or evening. Because you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise or sunset.

That's information about the tourist destination of Maluk Beach, Sumbawa. Enjoy the beautiful nature by vacationing on this beautiful beach in West Nusa Tenggara.


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