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MotoGP 2021 Canceled, Mandalika Intensive Tourism Promotion

Mandalika Intensive Tourism Promotion

MotoGP 2021 has been canceled but the City of Mandalika is still actively promoting tourism. MotoGP is a world championship racing event. This is of course a good opportunity for the drivers to show their talent in the competition.

Not only that, with the presence of MotoGP in Indonesia, of course this can also be an opportunity in Indonesia in particular Mandalika City. Because they can prepare for events much better, especially in the tourism sector.

MotoGP postponed, Mandalika intensifies tourism promotion
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Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Mr. Sandiaga Uno in his "Weekly Press Briefing" agenda said that this MotoGP event which was originally going to take place in 2021 at the Mandalika Circuit, Lombok, NTB. However, now the related parties have officially postponed this event until next year, namely March 2022.

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MotoGP 2021 Mandalika Postponed

Previously, the Mandalika Circuit had indeed targeted to be able to host the MotoGP event in Indonesia this season. Even the Mandalika Circuit has been included in the list of reserves in the 2021 MotoGP calendar.

However, plans have changed precisely after representatives of the FIM and Dorna Sports made a visit to Indonesia and visited the Mandalika Circuit, NTB.

In addition, the MotoGP implementation event which will take place in 2021 has also been postponed due to the Covid-19 situation. And it does require to prioritize the handling of Covid-19 better. Therefore, the implementing party decided to postpone MotoGP until March 2022.

Mandalika City Intensively Promotes Tourism

The official postponement of the MotoGP event at Mandalika this year. Menparekraf said that this would be a good opportunity for Mandalika to aggressively promote tourism. And of course also Mandalika City can make careful preparations.

For this reason, with a delay or postponement of a schedule like this, of course, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy will take advantage of the delay to aggressively carry out various other preparations.

One of them is improving the quality circuit and also the track. In addition, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy also indicated that the City of Mandalika should be aggressive in promoting in the tourism sector.

In addition, in November there will be a superbike and there will also be testing in MotoGP preparation. So, once the Mandalika circuit, NTB is completed in July, it will continue to carry out various preparations and trials so that later it will be more ready when holding the 2022 MotoGP racing event next year.

Although it was officially postponed, the FIM and Dorna Sports admitted that they were quite impressed with the construction of the Mandalika Circuit. Especially after they saw firsthand the construction of the Mandalika circuit.

Supporting Facilities for Tourists in Mandalika, NTB

As an effort to be able to pamper the tourists who later come to Mandalika, NTB, of course later the parties involved will prepare various supporting facilities. Of course, so that the tourists who visit can feel more comfortable in Mandlika.

For example, such as homestay facilities that will be along the Lombok Airport road that goes to the airport Kuta beach mandalika which is located in the special economic zone, Mandalika.

So, according to information, later along the road there will be around 1.600 rooms and from that number there will be several homestays located in Gerupuk Tourism Village, which is about 7,7 km to be exact from the Mandalika Circuit.

In addition, this homestay located in Gerupuk Tourism Village will have a room price range of around Rp. 250.000 per night and this price is also included in various other facilities such as WiFi, breakfast to electricity.

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How about you, are you ready to visit Mandalika, NTB to see the MotoGP race in Indonesia 2022?


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