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Molenteng Stone Tree House

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Batu Molenteng Tree House is located in Nusa Penida. This tourist attraction is unique. As the name implies, a tree house is a house built on a tree. So this house is on a high.

Photo by @afreemung

Every visitor can enjoy the extraordinary view from this tree house. In fact, tourists can stay here, you know. But with a note for those who are not afraid of heights.

If you often hear tree houses in several places, but this is different from other spots. The location is on top of a mountain with impressive viewpoints.

You can see the view of Atuh Beach clearly from here. Imagine how super fun it is to enjoy the view from here.

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Molenteng Stone Tree House Location

Batu Molenteng Tree House is located in Nusa Penida. If departing from Toya Pakeh port, then it will take about 90 minutes to get to this location.

The location is very close to Atuh Beach. This is very advantageous because you can visit two places at once in close proximity.

Interesting Things From Tree House

What are the interesting things that can be found at the Molengeng tree house? For those who just heard it, of course, curious dong. This house built on trees has a view of the thousand islands. You won't find a view like this anywhere else.

To get here, the road through which the terrain is quite difficult. There are many derivative roads so the local people have made fences to maintain security. Then, if you are close to the location you will go down the stairs which are quite steep. After walking for about 10 minutes, we arrived at the tree house.

After climbing to the top of the tree house, the fatigue from the extreme journey will pay off. Beautiful views can be enjoyed from here. Of course, relaxing while enjoying the view that spoils the eyes is a special moment.

How to Get to East Nusa Penida

If you want to take a vacation to this Melonteng house in Nusa Penida, there are two ways you can choose. First, take a private trip.

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1. Travel by using a tour service

If you don't want to be complicated, you can choose to use tour services. Although there are extra costs incurred, but this is worth the comfort you get. Especially if it's your first time on vacation, it's a risk lost will not be obtained.

Tour packages will usually pick up tourists to the hotel by car service with experienced drivers, boat crossing ticket facilities to Nusa Penida, and delivery to tourist attractions.

2. Take a Private Trip

If you have been to Nusa Penida before, you can choose to take a private trip. This will save more costs.

But to mobilize to tourist attractions you can rent a motorbike or car according to your needs. You can choose to rent off the key or with the driver.

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The Molengkeng Tree House is in a quiet area away from the crowds. However, there are several facilities here, such as toilets, parking areas and food stalls that serve some regional specialties.

The Molengkeng Stone Tree House can be used as a destination of choice when visiting Nusa Penida. Prepare everything well so that your holiday is fun.


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