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Mount Tambora National Park

Mount Tambora tourist park

Mount Tambora National Park is an interesting spot for a vacation. There are many attractions that can make tourists feel at home. Mount Tambora Sumbawa tourism is indeed suitable for lovers of extreme challenges.

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Mount Tambora National Park is a tourist spot in West Nusa Tenggara, precisely in Sumbawa.

Unlike other mountains, here visitors can choose a hiking route according to the existing path. Along the way up the mountain, climbers can see the diversity of flora and fauna in this National Park. Starting from bird species, as well as other charms.

What is the attraction of Mount Tambora National Park like? Let's see in full.

Mount Tambora Attraction

1. Climb Mount Tambora

For nature lovers, climbing Mount Tambora is a very fun activity. This mountain has a height of about 2.815 meters above sea level.

When on the way up, you will see an amazingly beautiful natural scenery. In addition, occasionally you will meet animals that live in this mountain area.

There are 4 hiking trails that you can choose from. Namely, Pushonganca, Piong, Kawinda Toi and Pancasila. Uniquely, each hiking trail has different characteristics.

2. Mountain Crater

If you have the opportunity to visit Mount Tambora, don't forget to come to the crater of this mountain. Did you know that the crater of Mount Tambora is the largest crater in Indonesia.

The size of this crater is 7 km, the circumference of 8 km and the depth of the crater is 800 meters. This crater was formed about 200 years ago.

3. Jungle Tracking

Another activity that visitors to Mount Tambora really like is Jungle Tracking. The natural conditions of Mount Tambora are so cool and comfortable. So you can walk around comfortably.

Not only the forest, but there is the beauty of the savanna in this area. An example is the push savanna park. This is one of the hiking trails of Mount Tambora.

4. Visit Moyo Island

Don't miss Moyo Island. This island has a beautiful panoramic view. The beach combined with sea water is a charming sight.

In the middle of this island there is a traditional village. Formerly this village was called the Sumbawa Sultanate Palace. Then there is also a terraced waterfall on Moyo Island.

5. Exercising

For visitors who have extreme hobbies, please try sports rock climbing, paragliding, offroad and many more. Your adrenaline will be challenged when you try some of those extreme games.

6. Water Trip

In the Mount Tambora National Park area there is also water tourism. You can explore the Oi Marai River. This river is usually used as a resting place for climbers. Around the river there is also a beautiful waterfall. You can relax while enjoying the beauty of this waterfall.

Access and Facilities

If you want to come to Mount Tambora National Park, you can go by land. The journey starts from Mataram City for 13 hours.

From Mataram, you can go to Dompu. After that take the Ferry for about 11 hours. From Dompu to Kore you need to travel about 2 hours.

If you want to go to Kawinda Toi Post, you need to continue the journey again for 2 hours from Kore.

The management has provided several facilities for visitors. The facilities that you can find are hiking trails, climbing posts, and sports facilities.

Not only that, there are also food stalls, campsites, prayer rooms, lodging, and so on.

Let's read too

You can try an exclusive hiking trail by taking a jeep or dirt bike. This new exclusive line has two lanes. You can pass Piong Village in Sanggar District, Bima District and Doroncanga in Dompu District.


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