Moyo Island, Sumbawa

Moyo Island, Sumbawa

Moyo Island is part of Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The best time to visit this island is in the summer from July to August.

Moyo Island presents a lot of natural beauty that you can enjoy during your vacation on this island.


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Moyo Island

When looking for popular vacation spots in NTB, travel Moyo Island which is located in Sumbawa may not appear in search results.

However, that does not mean that these tourist attractions are not worth your visit. Because most tourists rarely hear his name, Moyo Island has become one of the most sought-after places for famous people to escape from the glittering world of entertainment.

Protect Exclusive Guest Privacy

You may be wondering, what special tourists who come to Moyo? Princess Diana or Lady D is a figure who raised the name of Moyo Island to the ears of local and international tourists.

exclusive moyo island
Exclusive Moyo Island

The late Lady D was recorded as visiting Moyo Island in 1993 because she wanted to calm herself from the midst of her household turmoil which became the topic of world conversation.

Other popular names also appear when we discuss the island of Moyo Sumbawa tourism. From Indonesia, there are Raffi Ahmad to Nikita Willy.

Then, celebrity couples from South Korea such as Rain and Kim Tae Hee had time to enjoy their vacation on Moyo Island. David Beckham, Mick Jagger, Maria Sharapova, and Edwin van der Sar have witnessed the beauty of Moyo Island firsthand.

The guarantee of privacy is the underlying reason for the characters above to choose Moyo Island as their vacation destination. The management also proves it by providing exclusive lodging such as the Amanwana Hotel. Premium facilities and a good security system make these guests comfortable while enjoying their time on Moyo Island.

The most complete natural tourist destination

Another reason that makes Moyo Island, Sumbawa Regency a favorite holiday destination for celebrities, is the type of complete tourist destination. From beaches to waterfalls, you can visit these places in one trip.

Mata Jitu Waterfall is a natural tourist attraction that is the target of tourists. This waterfall is one of the tourist attractions after they found out that Princess Diana had spent time enjoying the tranquility of the forest.

Mata Jitu Waterfall, Moyo Island, Sumbawa
Moyo Jitu Springs

This is also what makes many people call Mata Jitu Waterfall the Queen Waterfall. In addition to the lush forest, you will also find seven ponds steps when visiting this tourist spot on Moyo Island in Sumbawa Regency.

Want to swim or have a picnic on the beach? Tanjung Pasir Beach and Raja Sua Beach have stretches of white sand to amazing meadows.

The distance between the two beaches is also quite close and you can reach it using a motorboat. A number of divers even claim these beaches as one of the best diving and snorkeling points in NTB.

Another place that should be on the bucketlist is Takat Sagele. Throughout May to August, tourists can visit the white sand and unique coral in the middle of the waters. You can also find a variety of beautiful fish swimming around the tourist attraction of Moyo Island.

Safe way to visit Moyo Island

To reach Moyo Island, tourists must use a rented motorboat and travel for approximately 90 minutes from Polak Bridge Beach in Sumbawa Besar. Also prepare equipment for outdoor tourism such as sunscreen, insect bite prevention lotion, and comfortable clothing and footwear.

Then, tourists should bring cash as needed considering that most transactions on this island are still cash-based. Hiring the services of a local guide is also recommended, because they are more familiar with the routes, especially to tourist sites that lead to the interior.

Interested in planning a vacation with Moyo Island tours? Prepare all your needs from now on to get the best experience!

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