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Sentani Lake Papua

Sentani Lake Papua

apart Lorentz National Park and Raja Ampat, there is one more natural tourist attraction that you should not miss while in Papua, namely Lake Sentani Papua. In addition to presenting beautiful nature, this tour also saves a rich culture.

Photo by Youpic

About Lake Sentani

Lake Sentani Papua has an area of ​​about 9.360 hectares and covers 24 villages stretching from Jayapura Regency to Jayapura City.

This lake is part of the Cycloops mountain nature reserve, and of course saves diverse biodiversity, both flora and fauna. In the past, this lake was inhabited by extinct freshwater saw sharks.

With this combination, it is natural that this beautiful lake is visited by many tourists. The name Danau Sentani itself was given by the Christian Pastor BL Bin in 1898.

Sentani means here we live by the lake, which is hoped this lake can also bring peace to life for anyone who lives in the lake or its surroundings.

Lake Sentani's Attractions

  1. Surrounded by Many Islands

The main attraction of Lake Sentani Papua is that it has such enchanting nature. Tourists will see the small islands of which there are about 22 islands. This of course adds to the beauty of this lake. You can enjoy the serene expanse of the lake with the islands surrounding it.

  1. Presents a Colorful Pier

The charm of this charming lake is not only in its natural scenery. You can also find docks that are deliberately painted colorful. Around the lake there is a village known as Kampung Yoboi. This pier has become an icon of Yoboi Village which is widely used as a spot for taking photos.

  1. Owning Teletubies Hill

In Indonesia itself, there are indeed many areas that have Teletubies hills. Likewise with Lake Sentani which presents undulating green hills.

You can certainly climb this hill and can enjoy the natural charm from above. Visitors must do trekking first to reach the top of the hill of Lake Sentani, Papua.

Of course it can be an unforgettable holiday activity. Especially if you do it with your family and friends. It feels tiring, but everything will definitely pay off with panorama which is served.

You can also hunt for beautiful photos while on this Teletubies hill. Guaranteed all your fatigue will also be released just like that when you stop at this beautiful lake.

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  1. Lake Sentani Festival
Photo by Olivia Yustina and Lydia Waroy Cox

The Lake Sentani Festival which is held every year in June is an attraction that attracts tourists' attention. You can witness a variety of local arts and culture when this festival is held. You can also watch the Ondoafi traditional ceremony and enjoy a variety of Papuan specialties.

Address and Ticket Prices

Lake Sentani Papua is located in the Sentani area, Kab. Jayapura is precisely under the slopes of the Cycloop Mountains. From the airport it only takes about 15 minutes.

Of course this is very easy for foreign tourists. You can visit it at any time because it is open every day and for 24 hours. Visitors only need to prepare an entrance ticket of around Rp. 10 thousand.

The charm of Lake Sentani is indeed a pity for you to miss. If you plan to visit it, it's good to come in June.

In addition to the beauty of the lake, you can also get to know the surrounding villages better. What is clear, visiting this lake while on vacation will provide an exciting and unforgettable experience.


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