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Penglipuran Bali Tourism Village

Penglipuran Bali Tourism Village

A visit to Bali is incomplete if you don't visit one of the clean and beautiful tourist villages, namely Penglipuran Bali Tourism Village. This village is also an example tourist village which is the first in Indonesia. It even made it the 3rd cleanest village in the world and received an ISTA 2017 award in the category of cultural preservation.

Penglipuran Village
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The Uniqueness of Penglipuran Bali Tourism Village

The location of Penglipuran Bali Village is in Kubu Village, Bangli Regency which makes it a must-visit destination because of its uniqueness. So this tourist village must certainly be included in your holiday bucket list while in Bali.

Besides being famous for its clean village, it turns out that there are several other unique features of Penglipuran Bali Indonesia Village, namely as follows:

Having a Village Spatial with the Tri Mandala Concept

Although Indonesia, especially Bali, has undergone modernization changes, it turns out that Penglipuran Village is still thick with Balinese nuances. This village highly upholds the noble values ​​of their ancestors from generation to generation.

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Penglipuran Bali Village is a village that carries the Tri Mandala concept, which consists of several village layouts. Starting from the northernmost area, namely the Utama Mandala which is a holy place and a place for the Gods. In addition, this area also functions as a place of worship.

While the area in the middle is often called Madya Mandala. This area is a residential area of ​​Penglipuran Village. What makes this village unique is the houses of residents which are neatly lined up along the main road.

This southernmost region is often referred to as Nista Mandala which serves as a burial place for residents.

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Continuing Religious Rituals

Penglipuran Bali Village has religious rituals that continue to run at Pura Luhur Penglipuran. Usually to welcome Seclusion Day, this village often performs its great ritual, namely Ngusaba.

Not only that, local residents also often visit Penataran Temple to pray once every 15 days. Of course, this ritual is a tradition handed down from the ancestors.

Penglipuran Bali Village
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There is a Penglipuran Village Festival

One of the uniqueness of Penglipuran Bali Village is the existence of a cultural festival known as the Penglipuran Village Festival. Usually the people of Penglipuran Village hold this festival at the end of the year.

The activities are also diverse. Starting from the cultural arts parade, Balinese traditional clothing parade, Barong Ngelawang and competitions.

This is what makes the attraction of this village that usually many tourists come to witness these various activities.

Surrounded by Bamboo Forest

Another uniqueness of Penglipuran Bali Village is the existence of a bamboo forest that surrounds this village. Even the forest is still sustainable until now. Of course this is a tangible manifestation of maintaining the balance between humans and nature.

The area of ​​this bamboo forest also reaches 45 hectares, the area of ​​this bamboo forest is 40% of the total area of ​​​​the village. Even the people of Penglipuran Village believe that this bamboo forest is the beginning of their history.

Price of admission

This location has become a tourist attraction. Both for domestic tourists and foreign tourists. The location is also very strategic which you can reach by using a private vehicle or private vehicle car rental in Bali.


Meanwhile, the entrance ticket to Penglipuran Bali village is also relatively cheap. Domestic tickets for adults are IDR 15.000, adult tickets for foreign countries are IDR 30.000, children’s tickets for domestic are IDR 10.000 and children’s tickets for foreign countries are IDR 25.000.


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