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Fuel Prices Dive Will Penida Fast Boat Tickets Increase

Penida Fast Boat Ticket Up

New news has come from Bali again. This time it's about the price of fuel oil (BBM) diving which results in tickets fast boat Penida goes up.

The decision to increase prices is part of a collective agreement between entrepreneurs fast boat who are members of the association Fast boat Sanur.

Sanur Fastboat Association holds Price Adjustment meeting

Quoted from Radarbali (7/9/2022), Responding to the increase in fuel prices, Tourism Accommodation Entrepreneurs fast boat which serves the Sanur-Nusa Penida-Nusa Lembongan route. Held a meeting to adjust prices related to this service.

Angel Bilabong fast boat

“The Sanur Fastboat Association, known as Afast Sanur today (Monday, September 5, 2022, RED) Hold two meetings. The first meeting regarding Lembongan was attended by 10 Company operators. Specifically for the Nusa Penida route, 24 company operators were present. Sanur Fasboat has approximately 34 members.

"The results of the meeting decided to adjust the fastboat rates for the Sanur-Nusa Penida-Lebongan route in response to the significant increase in fuel prices," said the Chair of the Sanur Fastboat Association, Made Ariana, SH as Gotravela Indonesia quoted from Radarbali(dot)id.

Here's the ticket price fast boat Latest Penida

Referring to the results of the meeting, Ariana said tickets for the Sanur-Lembongan route cost IDR 150.000 to IDR 300.000 one way for domestic depending on service, such as pick-up, consumption or others. Next, for ticket prices fast boat Sanur—Lebongan for foreign tourists applies IDR 300.000 to IDR 500.000 for one way.

Boat Update Price

This price also includes service. He also detailed ticket prices fast boat Penida increases to IDR 100.000 from Sanur for Domestic Tourists, and increases to IDR 200.000 for International Tourists "For the Sanur-Nusa Penida route there is an increase for Indonesian citizens.

Ticket prices from IDR 75.000 to IDR 100.000. "For the price for foreigners, what used to be IDR 150.000 has become IDR 200.000," he explained.


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Legitimate! New price starting today

As for the ticket decision fast boat The increased penalty will begin to be implemented today, Wednesday, (7/9/2022). "We will carry out this price adjustment as of September 7 2022.

Our hope as a community fastboat entrepreneur will respond positively to the increase in tariffs triggered by fuel prices so that we can maintain service quality, fleet maintenance, as well as the safety and comfort of users of our operator services.

Tariff adjustment

Regarding this tariff adjustment, we have taken into account the community economy which has just recovered from corona. "We ask for public approval for this increase in service rates," he explained.

Meanwhile, Ariana Emphasizes Association Sanur Fastboat only regulates the Fastboat ticket price rate. Agreement on ticket prices fast boat Penida rise is also part of the Solidarity to Together achieve a better future.

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Since it was formed on April 11 2022, the Sanur Fastboat Association has become a solution to prevent price wars between entrepreneurs fast boat in Nusa Penida–Sanur. (y)


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