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Colek Pamor Waterfall

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Colek Pamor Waterfall is one of the amazing natural attractions. Local people often refer to it as Gitgit Waterfall 2. Colek Pamor Waterfall is hidden because not many people know about it.

Prestige poke waterfall
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Let's talk about Colek Pamor Waterfall in full.

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The Attraction of Colek Pamor Waterfall

Colek Pamor Waterfall in Buleleng is a tourist attraction that you can visit to calm down. Its hidden location is very far from the hustle bustle. But you have to go through a fairly exhausting journey. Because, the location is in a dense forest.

However, for adventurous lovers, going down a trip to the waterfall is a fun thing. Here your adrenaline is tested.

Although tired when traveling through the path, all that will be lost by seeing the beauty of the waterfall.

Because it is located in the forest, many people refer to it as the “Hidden Paradise Waterfall in Bali”.

There are still very few tourists who come here. No wonder the atmosphere is still completely natural. Even foreign tourists really like this place. For fans of natural places that have not been touched by many people, Colek Pamor Waterfall is highly recommended.

Location of Pamor

Colek Pamor Waterfall is located in Gitgit Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency, Bali. Because it is located in Gitgit, people call it Gitgit Waterfall 2.

The location is very close to Gitgit Waterfall which is also in Gitgit Village.

How to Get to the Waterfall

For tourists who have never been to Gitgit Village, they are certainly still confused about which way to go. You can open Google Maps and follow the indicated route.

If you come from Denpasar, the trip will take about 2 hours 30 minutes. Once you arrive at the waterfall parking lot, you need to continue the journey for 500 meters.

Travel through the forest because the location of the waterfall is in the forest. Actually you can visit 2 waterfalls at once. Because Colek Pamor Waterfall is close to Gitgit Waterfall.

Facilities at Colek Pamor Waterfall

The Colek Pamor Waterfall tourist attraction has not been officially managed by the government. However, tourists can already enjoy some of the facilities provided by local residents.

Here are some of the facilities available:

  1. There is a large parking area. This parking lot is deliberately made by residents so that visitors can travel with a sense of comfort.
  2. There are Balinese-style food stalls around the waterfall tourist spot. So for tourists who feel hungry, there is no need to worry. Here you can pamper your stomach with a variety of menu options available.
  3. Want to stay near a waterfall? There are lodging facilities here. However, the number of rooms is limited. So you don't run out, it's best to make a reservation before coming.
Vacation Tips

There are things that need to be considered before taking a vacation to the waterfall. Pay attention to the clothes and footwear worn.

Because the location is in the forest, you automatically have to walk on pretty terrain steep. So wear comfortable footwear for walking.

Wear comfortable clothes, preferably from t-shirts so that they absorb sweat. Also wear clothes that are not complicated when used for walking on difficult roads.

Bring food and drink. Although there are food stalls, they are located in the vicinity of residential areas. During the journey in the forest to the waterfall there were no night owls at all.

How are you traveling buddy? Are you challenged to take a vacation to the natural tourist destinations of Colek Pamor Waterfall?


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