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Rantung Beach Attractions

Sumbawa Rantung Beach

Rantung Beach Tourism Object can be your choice when traveling to Sumbawa. Rantung Beach in Sumbawa has an incredibly beautiful beauty. Curious as to what? Let's see.

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West Nusa Tenggara, Sumbawa to be precise has a series of interesting tourist attractions. One of the attractions that you can visit for a vacation is Rantung Beach.

To be precise, it is in West Sumbawa. You need to travel about 1 hour from Lombok to get to Harbor Tano's photo.

In Sumbawa, this beach is so famous. Become a popular tourist attraction because it has amazing natural beauty. How is the beauty of Rantung Beach in Sumbawa? Let's discuss.

Rantung Beach Tourism Locations

Where is Rantung Beach located? The location of this beach is in Grantung Village, Sekongkang District. You don't have to worry. Access road to the location of this tourist attraction is fairly easy.

You will pass a paved road. So visitors will feel comfortable during the trip.

To go to this tourist attraction you have to use a private vehicle. There is no public transportation that passes through this tourist attraction.

Every visitor feels at home on vacation at this beach. Relaxing natural conditions with beautiful natural charm.

There is also a children's play area. So when you invite children to play here, children will be very happy. This beach is very clean. There is no scattered trash.

Best Place For Surfing

Many call Rantung Beach as Yoyo Beach. This is because the waves on this beach rotate like a yo-yo. The state of these waves makes Rantung Beach used as a place for surfing.

In fact, surfing championships are often held either at the national or international level. The view of this beach is different from other beaches. Rantung Beach is flanked by two small islands. This situation makes the surrounding scenery so special.

Where to Enjoy Sunset

Visiting in the afternoon is a good time. Because, you can enjoy the sunset and see the beautiful sunset. After a fairly tiring journey, everything paid off when we arrived at the location. The charm of the sunset is so beautiful.

The sunset is a very beautiful sight. Plus you can feel the soft sand. Then, there is the sound of the waves crashing which makes the atmosphere even more special.

Surrounded by Hills and Trees

Around Rantung Beach, you will see hills and green trees. This beautiful natural condition makes tourists amazed.

Sumbawa Island is famous for its heat. But at Rantung Beach, the atmosphere is so beautiful. This is because many trees grow around the beach. Even though the place is shady and beautiful, you should still use sunscreen to protect your skin.

Clear Seawater

One of the attractions of Runtang Beach is the very clear sea water. This sea water also has a bluish green color.

When viewed from above the air looks so beautiful. If you come during the day when the sun is hot, the sea water looks sparkling like glass.

Clean White Sand

Most beaches on the south coast have white sand. This stretch of sand is so beautiful. This privilege is also owned by Rantung Beach.

Here you can see a wide view of white sand. Here you can do various activities. Like playing beach volleyball, taking a walk or just playing sand on the beach.

Let's read too

That's information about Rantung Beach which is located in Sumbawa. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place, this is the place. Let's schedule a vacation to Sumbawa and make Rantung Beach one of your destinations.


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