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Sabolo Island Labuan Bajo

Sabolo Island, Labuan Bajo

Sabolo Island Labuan Bajo or often called Sabolon Island is an interesting tourist destination to relieve fatigue. You can invite friends or family to enjoy a holiday here.

Photo by Ninasiboe

The Enchantment of Sabolo Island Labuan Bajo

Sabolo Island has a nice wooden pier which is usually used by tourists to take photos. The photos will definitely be beautiful because the background is a vast blue ocean.

From the top of this wooden pier you can see the clear sea water. Because the water is clear, you can see coral reefs and small fish swimming around it.

There are also many tourists who just sit on the wooden pier. They enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. Or, if you want, you can play in the water Nyamplung jumping from the top of this pier. Having fun playing in the water here is definitely very fun.

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Eits, the thing that tourists are always waiting for is the view of a group of dolphins jumping. If you are lucky, you can see it.

Yes, many tourists have witnessed the agility of dolphins when swimming and appearing occasionally on the surface of the water.

Some even say, if you  see Dolphins Swimming and then you clap your hands, they will jump.

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Location of Sabolo Pulau Island

The beautiful island of Sabolo is located in West Manggarai, precisely in Komodo District. It is located not far from Seraya Besar Island.

If you depart from Harbor Labuan Bajo, you will travel for approximately 2 hours. The journey is almost the same as when you go to Komodo Island. Namely, there are hills along the road.

Trekking on Sabolon Island

An exciting activity that tourists always do is trekking. Trekking with beautiful views certainly won't make you bored. This island, which has a land area of ​​around 20 hectares, is shaped like a hill.

Apart from trekking or hiking, you can also do snorkeling. This activity is optional, you can choose which activity you think is fun.

You can also enjoy the beauty of nature by sitting on the beach. It looks simple, yes, but when you are on Sabolo Island you will feel that this place is so serene. The beach breeze blowing with beautiful trees will certainly make anyone feel at home here for a long time.

This island is uninhabited. So if you are looking for a quiet place to calm down, well, this tourist spot is the answer. You will be in a quiet place far from the crowds.

The uniqueness of Sabolo Komodo Island

Did you know that the beaches on Sabolo Island don't have white sand? Yes, you will be surprised and amazed when you arrive at the beach. The sand is not white like most other beaches. However, the sand here tends to be pink.

If you look at it, it's almost similar to Pink Beach. The pink sand on the beach comes from broken rocks. Even so, some of the sand is white.

It's fun to enjoy the beauty of Sabolo Island

If you are on vacation to Sabolo Island, you will feel that you are on a private island. One of my favorite activities is snorkeling.

Sea water on Sabolo Island is relatively shallow. There are many kinds of flora and fauna here. You can see Clown fish, or even a stingray if you're lucky. Beautiful coral reefs can also be clearly seen.

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Sabolo Island seems to be divided into two parts. The first is the part that has extensive coral reefs at shallow depths. Then, the second part has no coral reefs.

In this area you will see a very wide sea  Bright blue in color. There are lots of fish here.

Wow, Sabolo Island is really beautiful, isn't it? Come on, just plan your holiday!


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