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Recommended Tourist Attractions in Salatiga

Salatiga and surrounding tours

Hi travel buddies! This time we will provide information about recommendations for Salatiga tourist attractions. The following is a list of tourist attractions in Salatiga and its surroundings.

Salatiga tourist spot recommendations
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Salatiga has several choices of tourist attractions. There are many interesting sights here.
Salatiga is a city that belongs to Semarang Regency. It is located on the border with Central Java.

The available tourist attractions ranging from nature tourism, family tourism to interesting spots to take pictures.

List of Tourist Attractions in Salatiga

1. Bride Tree

Hearing from the name, this tourist spot is very unique. But this bridal tree in Salatiga has an interesting spot to take pictures, you know. The location is in the Pulutan rice field area, Sidorejo, Salatiga.

The shape of the tree here twists and stands alone in the middle of the rice fields. This tree is similar to a large bonsai.

When you come in the afternoon, the sunset view is really beautiful. You can see a beautiful view of the silhouette of the tree combined with the orange sky.

You can also see the majestic mountains. Residents built bridges in the rice fields to make it easier to access these trees. It also aims so that visitors do not damage the rice fields chosen by residents.

Local residents consider that this bridal tree is sacred. There are myths circulating about this tree. It is said that this tree is the incarnation of lovers who do not get the blessing of their parents.

People believe that lovers who come here their love affair will last. It can even last up to the level of marriage.

2. Tingkir Lor Tourism Village

There is a tourist village Tingkir Lor in Salatiga. Precisely located on Jalan Kyai Hasyim, Tingkir Lor, Tingkir, Salatiga City. There are several exciting activities that visitors can do.

You can see traditional art performances here. Then, there are also local products in tourist attractions. You can shop for local products as souvenirs or souvenirs.

Here you can buy chocolate tempeh. This special food is very famous in Salatiga. Let's try.

Besides tempe chocolate, recently, tempeh soup is booming. The price of 1 package of 5 bowls costs Rp. 12.000. There are original and chocolate flavors.

Making process Bolen tempeh is not that complicated. The taste of this ball is unique. The taste of tempeh is not so strong because it is made with jam. But still feel the tempeh taste.

Visitors who travel to this village can learn how to make tempe chocolate and tempeh bolen. Wow, this is valuable knowledge. There are also many visits by school children. They are very enthusiastic about learning to make traditional food from Tingkir Village.

3. Kalitaman Swimming Pool

If you want to go to water tourism, you can go to the Kalitaman Salatiga Swimming Pool. This swimming pool springs from natural water sources. The pool water is very clear.

The atmosphere is very beautiful. There are many trees around the swimming pool. This swimming pool is located on Jalan Kalitaman No. 3, RW. Kalitaman, Salatiga, Sidorejo, Salatiga City.

This swimming pool is usually used for swimming competitions. Includes Porseni, Popda and Salatiga Cup competitions.

This place is equipped with several supporting facilities. There are lockers for storage of goods, toilets, changing rooms and parking areas. There are also food stalls here that serve a variety of dishes. There are meatballs, chicken noodles, mixed tofu and much more.

Let's read too

4. Kopeng Treetop Adventure Park

Salatiga tourism and its surroundings are Kopeng Treetop Adventure Park. For those of you who like outdoor tours in nature, this tour is perfect.

Here you can camp with complete supporting facilities. Indeed, the location is not in Salatiga, but it is close enough. The distance from Salatiga City is about 15 to 17 minutes. Travel time is about 30 minutes.

This Kopeng Treetop tourist spot offers camping-style lodging. But the facilities are like a hotel. There are types of camps that you can choose from. Namely Family Camp, Star Camp, and Glam Camp.

But for those who don't want to stay overnight, please just come to enjoy the tree house. This tourist location is on Jalan Raya Kopeng, Selo Ngisor, Batur, Getasan, Semarang Regency.

That's the recommendation of tourist attractions in Salatiga. May be useful.


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