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Senaru Lombok Tourism Village

Senaru Lombok Tourism Village

If you go to Lombok, don't forget to visit Senaru Lombok Tourism Village, guys. 

Senaru Tourism Village is a village located at the starting point of the climbing route to the summit Mount Rinjani.

There are several interesting locations that can be your holiday destination in Senaru Village.

What are you curious about? Let's discuss one by one.

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Apart from being the starting point for the peak of the climb, Senaru Tourism Village also has natural wealth that is worth exploring when visiting.

Here are some places or attractions in the Senaru Lombok Tourism Village that you can visit.

Sendangile Waterfall

This waterfall is one of the stopping points on the climbing route of Mount Rinjani and is close to Senaru Village so getting to this waterfall is not difficult. There are already hiking trails arranged in such a way that visitors can easily climb.

The number of stairs is about 500 steps so it's not enough to make you tired, right? It is said that the water in the Sendang Gile waterfall has the property of making you stay young. Want to try? 

Sendang Gile Waterfall has a height of almost 600 meters above sea level. While from the bottom of the river has a height of more than 30 meters.

Tiu Kelep . Waterfall

In addition to the Sendang Gile waterfall, there is also the Tiu Kelep waterfall which has the beauty of a tiered waterfall. In addition, the waterfall which has a height of 45 meters also has a fairly heavy water discharge.

Shady trees make this waterfall look cool. In addition, there is a pool right under the waterfall so it is very appropriate to swim here.

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Senaru Village Cultural Tour

Senaru Village Lombok

The most interesting thing when visiting the Senaru Lombok Tourism Village is actually the cultural tourism of the Senaru Village community. 

Community life in Senaru Village is still very thick with religious and cultural nuances. Of course it will be a very interesting practice right.

When you visit Senaru Village, you will be amazed by the view of the houses of the residents who still maintain the original shape of the ancestral houses. The traditional house of Senaru Village is made of thatched roof, bedek fence and only made of clay.

In addition, the cool and calm mountain atmosphere will make anyone who visits this village feel at home. There are several unique sights and places that you must visit when visiting Senaru village.

Bayan Beleq

This building is one of the historic mosque sites in Lombok. Built in the 17th century, this mosque stands on a small hill. Around this mosque there are several ancestral tombs that are believed by the community to be graves sacred

Just like the houses in the Senaru Tourism Village, Lombok, this mosque building was also built using a thatched roof, and has woven bamboo walls (gedek) and is made with a foundation consisting of a rather high stone structure.

Until now, the mosque, which is more than 300 years old, is still used to worship the local community.

The traditional house of the Karang Bajo hut.

The traditional house of Gubug Karang Bajo is a traditional house as well as a residence for traditional elders, traditional stakeholders and traditional leaders of Senaru Village.

Senaru Tourism Village Rebound

Senaru village is also included in the village which is currently being developed. This sees a huge potential in attracting tourists to come to visit this village.

All stakeholders and tourism actors in Senaru Village together build supporting facilities such as agro-tourism, rafting, and photo spots. Management of other assets such as traditional houses will be maximized through Village-Owned Enterprises.

In addition, many facilities such as toilets, MSMEs, shelters, and rest areas have been built and improved. This activity also received support from the Ministry of Tourism. You will certainly be more comfortable if you visit Senaru Village.

Travel Accommodation

Interested in visiting Senaru Lombok Tourism Village? Here are some reviews and tips for friends who are interested in visiting Senaru Village.

You will need 2.5-3 hours from Mataram City to reach Senaru Village. If you want to stay in Senaru Village, there are several choices of places to stay such as Home Stay.

For those who want to save money, you can choose cheap lodging scattered in Senaru Village. The cost ranges from Rp. 80.000 to Rp. 150.000. When entering Sendang Gile, we have to pay the ticket money in advance.

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