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Tanjung Bongo Beach Lombok

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Tanjung Bongo Beach Lombok is an interesting spot to visit. Not only Bali which has the charm of stunning beaches. However, in Lombok, there are also a lot of beaches that have beauty to make tourists amazed.

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One of the beaches that is no less beautiful is Tanjung Bongo Beach. This beach is no less popular with other beaches. Many tourists admit that this beach view is very interesting. Still natural, of course, a feature of this beach.

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Location and Route to the Beach

The tourists prefer beaches that are still natural because the atmosphere is very calming. On this beach, a calming atmosphere and stunning views can be found. The location is near Merese Hill, Kuta, Lombok.

Because it is behind a hill, you need to do soft trekking if you want to go to the beach location. You will pass the top of the hill, after arriving on the right, please go down the cliff. Make sure to be careful because the conditions are quite steep.

Tanjung Bongo Beach Lombok Attractions

This beach is often referred to as mini Raja Ampat. Of course, the attraction possessed by this place is no joke. Here are a variety of attractions that always continue to captivate every pair of eyes.

1. Super Clear Water

The water is very clear. This is one of the attractions it has. In fact, if you are there, you will see the underwater scenery without any assistance. The rocks under the water will be visible because the water is so clear.

2. Beautiful Clusters of Rocks

This is the reason why Tanjung Bongo Beach is called the mini Raja Ampat. Because it has a cluster of rocks that are so beautifully arranged and artistic. These rocks are located in the middle of the waters. Many tourists do not leave the opportunity to take pictures on the rocks.

3. Various Green Trees Grow

If the water is clear, what about the air? Of course the air is still fresh because the cleanliness of the air is maintained. There are trees that are allowed to grow wild. Many green plants make the location shady so it is comfortable to relax.

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4. There are various marine biota

The super clear water allows you to see the abundant variety of marine life. When diving or snorkeling, of course, the eyes will be more spoiled by the beauty of the various aquatic biota that are there.

5. Various Interesting Photo Spots Are Available

This beautiful beach resort has many interesting photo spots. There are at least 20 points that can be used to take pictures with charming views. Yes, this is also inseparable from the role of the local government which continues to provide support so that this tourist spot can develop properly.

6. Traveling by Canoe

If you want to explore the beach but you don't dare to swim, facilities are also available canoe. Yes, you can take a canoe for a walk around this super charming mini Raja Ampan. The beautiful view of the sea and the beauty of the coral rocks can be seen when traveling around in a canoe.

7. Clean and Well Maintained Location

Both the community and the local government work together in maintaining this tourist spot. They are fully aware of the high potential they have as a tourist spot with the nickname heaven on earth.

Therefore, they try hard to keep the location clean. We recommend that if we come to visit don't forget to play a role in maintaining cleanliness. Do not throw garbage carelessly.

How do you already have an idea about this beautiful Tanjung Bongo Beach? Natural and clean beaches with super clear water make anyone feel at home there. Don't forget to schedule a vacation to Tanjung Bongo Beach.

Tanjung Bongo Beach Lombok | Beach with Beautiful Coral Cluster


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