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Archaeological Site of Tapurarang Fakfak

Archaeological Site of Tapurarang Fakfak

The Tapurarang Fakfak Archaeological Site is located in Kokas, Fakfak, West Papua. Maybe the name of this one area is still rarely heard in the ears of tourists.

Even though the oldest area in West Papua has a variety of natural attractions that are a pity to miss. You can find tours ranging from nature tourism, cultural tourism to historical tourism.

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When looking for tourism in the land of Papua, most people definitely make Raja Ampat as a mandatory option. Apart from Raja Ampat, historical tourism is now also quite a target for tourists because they can better know the origins of the places they visit. One of the beauties of historical tourism that you should visit is the Tapurarang Fakfak Archaeological Site.

Blood Handprint at the Tapurarang Archaeological Site

If you are visiting the Fakfak area, West Papua, try to stop by to enjoy one of the evidences of the relics of prehistoric times. You will find a painting in the form of a red handprint on the cliff wall.

When you see it in person, you might be surprised because the red color that is produced resembles the color of blood. The red color also remains durable to this day. Even though the red painting on the cliff is often exposed to rain and hot sun, the color still doesn't fade.

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Not a few people think that the red color on the cliff walls comes from human blood. The red color actually comes from natural dyes from plant extracts. The color is very similar to the red color of human blood.

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Finally, many people refer to the paintings on the Tapurarang Archaeological Site as blood hand print. In addition to hand stamps, there are other painting objects such as soles of feet, lizards, leaves, dolphins to hunting tools, namely boomerangs.

The paintings that have existed since the Megalithic era have become symbols of the beliefs of the Tapurarang people. Even though it is old, it does not reduce the shape and color of the painting at all. You can get a closer look at the blood handprint of the Tapurarang Archaeological Site at high tide.

Mystical Impressions of Antiquities that Are Still Felt

The rock cliff area at the Tapurarang Archaeological Site is also somewhat mystical. There were quite a number of bones and skulls scattered around it. This finding is one of the descriptions of the culture at that time. When someone dies, the body is not buried properly.

Society in the era ancient at that time just put it on a rock cliff or other location such as a tree that they considered sacred. The Kokas believe that the bones and skulls found around the cliffs are their ancestors.

You will not only find blood handprints, but there are other interesting sights that you should not miss. Around the area of ​​the Tapurarang Fakfak Archaeological Site, there is a mangrove forest with clear water. The cool air will greet you because there are many large shady trees.

In addition you will also find a variety of beautiful bird species. For example, bird of paradise, parrots, parrots that fly freely. The time you need to reach the site area is approximately 2 hours from land travel and continue sea travel.

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That's it about the Tapurarang Fakfak Archaeological Site with a blood handprint that adds a mystical impression. Hopefully it can add to your insight. Happy holidays.


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