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Wae Rebo Tourism Village

tourism village wae rebo ntt

Wae Rebo is a tourist village in East Nusa Tenggara.

The beauty of this tourist village is a magnet that attracts the attention of tourists. This village is often called Heaven Above the Clouds.

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For your information, Wae Rebo Tourism Village is one of three villages in Indonesia that are included in the "Best Tourism Village" event. 

The award for the best village was held by UNWTO (United Nations Tourism Organization). UNWTO is the United Nations agency that deals with tourism.

Location of Wae Rebo Tourism Village

Wae Rebo Village is located in Satar Lenda, West Mese District, Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The location is in the remote mountains at an altitude of 1.000 meters above sea level.

Because it is at an altitude, visitors need to do a little struggle because the terrain is quite difficult. Although the journey is tiring, all the tiredness will disappear after arriving at the location of the tourist attraction.

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The Attraction of Wae Rebo NTT

1. Beautiful Natural Scene

The main attraction of Wae Rebo Village is the charm of its natural scenery. This village has a stretch of green grass.

The surrounding scenery in the form of mountains covered in fog is so beautiful. You will be amazed when you see it.

2. Sosor Pure Spring

In addition to its beautiful natural scenery, Wae Rebo Village has pure springs. This spring is used by local residents for their daily needs.

Such as for bathing, washing, and drinking water. The source of this spring is called Sosor.

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3. Indigenous Wealth

Dewa Wae Rebo, besides having natural beauty that attracts tourists, also has a wealth of customs. There are 7 traditional houses that have become icons in this village. His name is Mbaru Niang, the shape is conical. The seven traditional houses are considered sacred by the residents.

The number should not be increased, it must be 7. Because the 7 houses have a meaning as a tribute to the 7 directions of the mountain in Wae Rebo village. The Mbaru Niang traditional house consists of 5 floors. The roof is made of lontak leaves and fibers.

Each floor of the Mbaru Niang traditional house has its own function. Namely as a gathering space, worship, a place to store food ingredients, and so on.

The design of this traditional house must not touch the ground. This house has an architectural design that still has Minangkabau elements. It can be seen from the presence of double horns that are put together.

In addition to having a uniquely shaped traditional house, in this village there is also a traditional ceremony meaning the Penti Ceremony Rite. This ceremony is carried out with the aim of thanking God and the ancestral spirits for all things that have been received during the year that has passed.

Rangku Alu is a type of traditional dance from Wae Rebo. The dancers consist of four people who hold bamboo sticks, use a cross-shaped stick and move it. Then another dancer jumps over the gap so as not to be pinched by the bamboo.

Then, there is the Caci Dance. This dance describes how the life and life of the villagers.

Then there are Wae Rebo handicrafts, namely woven fabrics. The motif of this woven fabric has a mangorai pattern similar to a flower. The color is brighter. Then, there is the typical culinary of this village, namely forest honey and coffee.

The Origin of the People of Wae Rebo

It is stated that the residents of Wae Rebo Village are descendants of the Minangkabau Tribe. Long ago, the Minangkabau native, Emo Maro, sailed to Labuan Bajo. Empo Maru decided to settle down in Wae Rebo after living a sedentary life.

Community Life

There are at least 44 families who live in Wae Rebo Village. They work as farmers by growing cloves, coffee and tubers. The women in this village do activities at home besides cooking, they help their husbands in the garden. Some also weave cloth.

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How about Gotravela friends, are you interested in visiting Wae Rebo Village. Make sure your physical condition is in top condition because you need to climb uphill terrain. Yes, this village is at the top of the mountains with a fairly steep terrain.


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