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Gembelng Waterfall

gembleng waterfall bali

Gembleng Waterfall has a beautiful natural atmosphere. at Gembleng Waterfall Bali you can bathe in the pool in infinity style. The clear water is very refreshing.

Photo by @agungekaputra

Bali is an island that has many interesting tours. There are hundreds of attractions that can be found here. The island of Bali is indeed rich in natural attractions such as beaches, mountains, hills, waterfalls, and much more.

Gembleng Waterfall is one of the tourist attractions that you can visit. Gembleng Waterfall Bali is so popular. Many tourists come here to unwind.

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Not only tourists from within the city, from outside the city and even abroad many come here. This waterfall is also named Dukuh Sakti. Formerly this place was used as a place for melukat tradition.

This waterfall was deliberately made with the aim of being an offering to nature. Despite its small size, the pool with infinity-style stones is very attractive.

Let's discuss more about Gembleng Waterfall.

Gembelng Waterfall Attraction

1. Infinity Style Stone Pool

This waterfall tour has a pool with style infinity. This pool makes it look beautiful. The rocks in the pool make it look unique and exotic.

If you come here on a sunny day, you can see a view of the green rice fields. You can use the beautiful scenery background for selfies.

Many tourists also take the time to bathe in the pool. The water is so clear straight from the spring that makes the body fresh.

2. Suspension Wooden Bridge

Around Gembleng Waterfall there is also a suspension wooden bridge. This bridge was deliberately built as an access to tourist attractions. Through this bridge will feel more exciting than through other roads.

Many are interested in crossing this bridge, especially for those who have an adventurous spirit. But make sure to stay careful because this wooden bridge is slippery.

3. Photo Spot

Selfie fans will certainly not miss taking pictures in the Gembleng Waterfall area of ​​Bali. Here are many beautiful spots that can be used for photo backgrounds.

There is a choice of beautiful waterfalls, green natural scenery, ponds, and more.

Address and Route to Location

Gembleng Waterfall is located in Telun Wayah, Karangasem, Bali. The location is strategic so it's easy to find. If taken from Gianyar, it will take about 2 hours.

Meanwhile, if departing from Kita, it will take about 2,5 hours of travel time. For the path or route you take, you can use the Google Maps application. Please just type Gembleng Waterfall which is in Telun Wayah. This village is also often referred to as Tri Eka Buana Sedimen.

Interesting Activities at Waterfalls

There are lots of fun activities you can do. For example bathing in the pool. The clear and fresh water will surely make you feel at home. Don't forget to bring a change of clothes.

Then, photo hunting is also a fun activity. There are many interesting places that you can use as photo backgrounds.

Then, if you like adventure, trekking to the waterfall area is also fun, you know. Besides being healthy, you will also see beautiful scenery along the way.

Waterfall Facilities

Not many facilities are available in the Gembleng Waterfall Bali area. However, here there is a parking lot and toilets. The road conditions are made easier for motorcycles and cars to pass.

But apart from the facilities available, this waterfall is so natural. The natural atmosphere is still really well preserved.

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Gembleng Waterfall is so beautiful isn't it? If you are interested in coming here, make sure your body is in top condition. Because you will go through trekking in a field that requires effort.


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