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Activities on Lake Toba 14 Toba References this year for you

activities at Lake Toba

As a destination rich in culture and nature, you must try this activity at Lake Toba!

Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world and is a major tourist destination in North Sumatra.

Lake Toba is one of Indonesia's main priority tourist attractions, with stunning natural views, making it interesting to look at.

Tourists can not only enjoy the view of the lake when visiting here, but can take part in various other exciting activities that must be tried.

Recommendations for Lake Toba Activities

The following are activities on Lake Toba that you can try, see in full below.

1. The beauty of Tuktuk Siadong Village

Tuktuk Siadong Village is located on Samosir Island, between Ambarita Village and Tomok Village. Apart from its strategic location, Tuktuk Siadong Village has complete tourist facilities.

Such as beautiful resorts with traditional Batak architecture and tourist trips to carving workshops operated by local residents. There are other water sports you can try, such as canoeing, speed boating, diving and swimming.

In the morning or evening, you can cycle and feel the beautiful calm atmosphere Tuktuk Siadong Village.

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2. Enjoy the coolness of Efrata Waterfall

If you are tired of walking around and looking for a cool spot, you can enjoy the freshness of Efrata Waterfall.

This waterfall is located in Sosor Dolok Village, Rian District, about 20 km from the city center of Samosir Regency. Tourists can swim or just relax on the edge of the waterfall surrounded by the splendor of green forests.

The location of the waterfall is quite large, so tourists can take their families on an adventure, and the view has not been affected much by other people, so it is still very beautiful.

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3. Stop by to learn about the history of Batu Parsidangan Ambarita

The diversity of Batak culture is endless, there are always interesting parts to study, such as the history of the Ambarita test stone. The court stone, also known as the chair stone, is where King Siallagan tried violators of customary law in ancient times.

This stone was built about 500 years ago, and right next to it there is a tree known as the tree of truth, so named because all the trials that the king experienced were handed over or sworn to this tree.

4. Simarjarunjung Hill

Photos at various instagrammable locations in Bukit Indah Simarjarunjung. Simarjarunjung Hill which is located on Jl. Simarjarunjung, Butu Bayu Pane Raja, Dolok Pardamean, Simalungun Regency, is the right spot for your amazing trip to Lake Toba.

activities at Lake Toba

You can admire Lake Toba from the top of the instagenic tree house or take photos from the ladder and swing. Even though it was only founded on December 27 2017, this tourist attraction has complete facilities and is popular with visitors, both domestic and foreign.

5. Cycling while admiring the beauty of Samosir Island

Cycling in the Samosir countryside is an activity on Lake Toba that you must try. Especially if you want to enjoy the beautiful view before sunset. Bicycles are one of the best modes of transportation to use when exploring the island.

6. Learn the Tor Tor Dance

When visiting North Sumatra, want to learn about local culture in general? During your stay, you can try learning the traditional Tor Tor dance!

This traditional dance is usually performed by local people during traditional rituals accompanied by traditional music such as gondang. Tor Tor Dance is a traditional dance of the Batak tribe which gets its name from the sound of the feet of a group of people dancing.

7. Enjoy a delicious bowl of Gomak noodles

Because you are tired, exploring various activities on Lake Toba will most likely make your stomach growl.

If yes, now is the time to taste the local traditional culinary delights of the Lake Toba area. A bowl of noodles called mie gomak is one of the local culinary delights that you must try.

8. Take a hot shower at Aek Rangat Pangururan

Rianiate Village, Pusuk Buhit Slope, is the location of the Aek Rangat Pangururan hot spring. Natural hot springs with pure water can be used for relaxation and skin care.

This place is close to the Batak ethnic community which has strong cultural traditions, therefore you can visit there. You have to try this activity at Lake Toba!

9. Relax at the Sipoholon hot springs

This popular hot spring in North Tapanuli is easy to access because it is close to the Medan-Sumatra highway.

Relaxing in the Sipoholon hot springs can help you feel better, because the natural sulfur water provides a massage sensation which is believed to eliminate many germs that cause various diseases.

There are pools with varying depths, so you can swim and dive more freely. Tourists can trek to hot springs in the limestone hills which are around 30-50 meters away, for extra adrenaline-pumping exercise. You have to try this activity at Lake Toba!

10. Kayaking on Lake Toba

Want to see Lake Toba from a different perspective? Kayaking around Lake Toba is the best choice. No need to worry, this water sport is perfect for beginners, and you can choose from various routes based on your preferences.

Because the air is cool and the lake water is calm, exploring the exoticism of Lake Toba using a kayak will feel more impressive. Ideal for travelers who want to relieve stress and refresh their minds!

11. Try typical Batak culinary delights

Indonesia is famous for its spices and traditional culinary delights, including Batak Land.

You must try traditional culinary delights that can only be found in Batak, such as arsik, which is processed spiced carp which is served on special occasions, such as weddings or before family members leave to migrate.

Not only arsik, there are other processed fish that you can try, such as Naniura which is known as Batak-style sashimi. This naniura is made from fish and various spices, including traditional Batak tamarind, andaliman, and kecombrang stems.

What's more, the fish is served raw, without cooking, giving a distinctive taste that thrills the tongue. Another must-try dish is Bagot Ni Horbo or Dali, a traditional Tapanuli culinary dish shaped like tofu and made from traditionally processed buffalo milk.

12. Visit the Batak Museum

Visiting Lake Toba doesn't feel right if you don't take an educational tour to the Batak Museum.

The Sisingamangaraja Gallery, the Struggle Gallery, the Library, and the Lakefront Museum, which is an open space containing statues of Batak cultural heritage and faces directly onto Lake Toba, are all in the TB Silalahi Center Museum area.

13. Visit Lumban Suhi-suhi to shop and learn how to make ulos

Visit Lumban Suhi-suhi Village for those of you who appreciate the beauty of traditional materials. This city is famous for its ulos woven textiles, a traditionally made North Sumatran cloth.

You will be warmly received by the residents of this village, and they can immediately try the process of making ulos woven cloth. Ulos woven cloth has various names, purposes, meanings and ways of using it.

Making ulos usually takes one week, but the more difficult the motif and the larger the size, the longer the making process. This activity at Lake Toba is very interesting and different, isn't it?

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14. Enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba from the height of Mount Pusuk Buhit

Enjoying the splendor of Lake Toba from a height is even more enchanting to the eyes and is one of the fun places to visit. Mount Pusuk Buhit dominates the view of Lake Toba.

Lake Toba looks beautiful from the top of the mountain which can be reached by a short walk, along a slightly winding path, and will make you feel at home for a long time. Tourists can watch the beautiful sunset here if the weather permits.

The activities at Lake Toba are very exciting and give a different impression, so when do you want to go on holiday here?


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