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Andong Mountain Magelang Pamper Your Eyes With Golden Sunrise

Magelang andong mountain tour

For nature lovers, mountain climbing is certainly one of the most enjoyable activities. In Magelang itself there is Mount Andong which is ready to be explored.

Located on the three borders of Magelang, Semarang and Salatiga, this mountain has a height of about 1.726 meters above sea level and allows climbers to see the sea of ​​clouds easily.

So, if you travel to Yogyakarta City there is nothing wrong with going to Magelang.

andong mountain magelang
Photo by @munifatul_hanifah

Mount Andong Magelang

1. Peak Panorama

The mountain is approximately 1.726 meters above sea level, allowing climbers to see the sea of ​​clouds when they are at the top.

The natural panorama is one of the main attractions of this mountain in the Magelang area. Mount Andong Magelang itself is a shield-type mount that has about 4 peaks.

Although the peak is not too wide, but the panorama offered is so enchanting and extraordinary. On the left and right side of the cliff edge, you will find a green expanse overgrown with lush weeds.

The green panorama there is guaranteed to spoil the eyes. But what is often hunted by tourists is the panorama of the golden sunrise there.

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In addition to sunrise, sunset views at dusk are no less amazing. Moreover, the lights in the city center are starting to turn on so that it displays a dim view that is so serene when viewed from Mount Andong.

2. Trekking fun

Another excitement that you can feel when visiting this mountain is of course the trekking activities. The journey starts from the ticket payment location. In this area, the path is still flat and has been coated with cement so that it is easy for anyone to pass.

Visitors will meet a path in the form of a layer of red soil typical of the mountains after passing through a gate. Later the first post will be found after trekking for approximately 20 minutes.

Andong itself is a mountain that has 3 posts before reaching the top, so climbers should bring supplies as a preventive measure.

The long journey to the top of Mount Andong Magelang takes an estimated time of 1 hour. Because ideally from the counter to post 1 takes about 20 minutes, from post 1 to post 2 takes about 10 minutes, from post 2 to post 3 also takes 10 minutes, and from post 3 to the top it takes 20 minutes. However, the length of this climb depends on the steps of the climbers themselves.

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Climbing the mountain feels less complete if you don't spend the night and set up a tent at the same time. Moreover, Andong Peak is one of the favorite spots for climbers to hunt for the golden sunrise, so there is no doubt that at its peak you can always find young people who meet the camping ground spot.

Andong Peak itself is not too wide. Even so, the area is still fairly comfortable for camping activities. At the top of Mount Andong, you will easily find tents lined up there. In this peak area, there are also many stalls selling food and drinks, so you don't have to worry.

4. Available Facilities

As one of the mountains in Magelang which is often visited by tourists from various regions, this mountain is equipped with several facilities to pamper the visitors. Examples such as in basecamp, climbers can find rows of stalls to sockets to charge cell phones or cameras.

With all the beauty and ease of climbing that is presented on this mountain, it is not surprising that Andong is one of the favorite destinations for beginner climbers.

Especially from the center of Magelang City itself, this tourist attraction is not too far away, which is only about 30,6 kilometers or approximately takes 52 minutes of travel.

Andong Mountain Magelang Pamper Your Eyes With Golden Sunrise


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