approved! Kemenparekraf 2023 Temporary Budget Reaches IDR 3,3 Trillion

kemenparekraf dpr meeting

Gotravela brings new news from the ministry that oversees the 'tourism universe', namely the Ministry of Economy and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf). With the approval of the House of Representatives (DPR), the provisional budget of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in 2023 penetrates Rp. 3,3 trillion. In detail, the budget is Rp. 3.381.345.168.000. This figure will then be submitted to the DPR RI's Budget Agency.

Kemenparekraf ready to take responsibility

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Uno, said that his party would be responsible for every rupiah disbursed by the state for the 2023 Kemenparekraf temporary budget to advance tourism and the country's creative economy. "We need to emphasize that every rupiah will be the responsibility of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and we will manage and optimize its use to advance the tourism sector and Indonesia's creative economy," he explained in an official statement as quoted from (10 / 9 / 2022).

Additional budget approved

Selain merestui anggaran sementara Kemenparekraf 2023, dalam rapat kerja bersama Komisi X DPR RI itu juga mengamini anggaran kementrian tersebut sebesar Rp 4,19 triliun atau Rp 4.186.990.000.000 yang juga untuk tahun depan. Tambahan anggaran sudah disetujui oleh 9 fraksi yang hadir, untuk mempercepat pemulihan (sektor parekraf) dan menjaga momentum kebangkitan ekonomi dan penciptaan lapangan kerja,” ungkapnya seperti Gotravela Indonesia kutip dari Sindonews (10 / 9 / 2022).

Menparekraf said that the proposed additional budget had been submitted to the Minister of Finance and the Minister of National Development Planning/Bappenas twice. "The additional budget has been approved by the nine factions present, to accelerate the recovery (the tourism sector) and maintain the momentum of economic revival and job creation," he explained.

Kemenparekraf asked to identify a number of things

In addition, in the meeting, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy was asked to identify a number of matters relating to the revision of the drafting of Law (UU) Number 10 of 2009 concerning Tourism. These identifications relate to fundamental changes in the tourism sector, revolution 4.0, pandemics, and changes in the latest tourism trends.

“We were asked to identify what must be started in 2022, which is about the most fundamental changes in the tourism sector. This is related to revolution 4.0, the existence of a pandemic, to changes in the latest tourism trends," said Sandiaga regarding the identification 'task'.

Still in the meeting, Chairman of the Meeting Abdul Fikri Faqih said, Commission X of the Indonesian House of Representatives asked the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to concentrate on programs and activities to restore the tourism sector and the creative economy through stimulus for the perpetrators. "The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy must continue to identify matters related to the issue of needs, the notes are that the government's facilitation is not optimal, the direction of the management model is still 'manual', and there are still minimal human resources in the tourism industry and others," he explained. On that occasion, he also revealed that the draft revision of Law Number 10 of 2009 concerning tourism is currently being discussed. (y)

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