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Atlantis Water Adventure

Atlantis Water Adventure

Atlantis Water Adventure is an exciting water game ride. This tourist spot is located in the Ancol Dreamland Park area.

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Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia has several tourist options. One of the interesting tourist attractions that you must try, Atlantis Water Adventure.

The excitement of playing water with the concept of civilization and ancient cities of the Mediterranean region can be found here.

The location is in the Ancol Dreamland Park area. If you go to this tourist spot, you will feel the sensation of venturing into a lost world. There are several areas that you can visit. The total area of ​​this tourist spot is 7 hectares.

Many family and school groups come here. Children will definitely love traveling here. You can get an exciting and fun holiday experience.

5 Rides at Atlantis Water Adventure

You and your family can try out some exciting rides. The following are exciting rides at Atlantis Water Adventures.

1. Crazy Highest Longest Slide

This game ride is the tallest and longest slide in Indonesia. Of course, this vehicle has its own charm.

Well, if you are an adrenaline lover, you must try this slide. You will slide down at high speed. Yes, as the name suggests, Crazy Highest Longest Slide.

There are two slides that you can try. One slide is open design and the other is closed design. Each of them is 122 meters long and 149 meters long.

Guaranteed your adrenaline will be challenged by trying this slide. However, if you have a history of heart disease or stroke, don't try to ride it. Because it will be very dangerous for health.

2. Asthatirta

Asthatirta is a water ride that makes your vacation even more exciting. At Atlantis Water Adventures, there are 8 different slides. His names are Anta, Acalpati, Dawala, Cakra, Arsa, Aglis, Arshanti, and Apsara.
In addition, in the middle there is a giant drum.

This large drum will spill water every few seconds. Visitors who are under it will feel the sensation of being splashed by water from above. Really exciting. Both children and adults can enjoy this ride.

3.Dragon Race

The Dragon Race rides at Atlantis Water Adventures can make you and your family feel the excitement of the holidays. It is 116,6 meters wide with 4 adjacent lanes. Of course, this vehicle is very exciting.

In this game, you can invite friends or relatives to skate together. You can invite him to race up the slide who is the fastest to the bottom.

Every tourist who slides on this slide will be provided with a small mattress. This little mat is slippery so it makes the speed even higher. You can skate at high speed. Wow, are you ready?

However, these rides are limited to children with a minimum height of 125 cm.

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4. Skybox

Not like a slide in general. Skybox is a game vehicle where visitors will glide super fast. The length is 78 meters. You will only need 5 seconds to get to the end.

Ancol dream garden

When going to slide, you will enter into a glass tube with a certain slope. Later there will be an officer or guard who will direct your body position. Usually on the count of three, ready to roll.

Visitors to Atlantis Water Adventures will jump off the slide with a sensation like a free fall. The speed is not kidding, which reaches 56 km / h.

If you are a lover of extreme rides, let's try the exciting and challenging sensations of the rides skating this. Guaranteed your adrenaline hormone will be challenged. It's rare for a slide like this to be found in Indonesia.

5. Poseidon Wave Pool

You can also feel the sensation of the waves in the swimming pool. Yes, these artificial waves can make you feel as if you are on the beach. The artificial waves in Atlantis Water Adventure are very similar to ocean waves.

Let's read

If you want to feel the sensation of this artificial wave, get ready by the pool. These waves will come every 1 hour.

There are floaties you can use. Feel the sensation of being adrift on a ship. Wow, so much fun!

Those are 5 exciting rides at Atlantis Water Adventure. If you have the opportunity to vacation in Jakarta, don't forget to come to this tourist spot.


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