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7 Backpacker Style Lombok Tours

Lombok Tourism Ala Backpacker

Backpacker Tour to Lombok

Lombok style tourism backpacker Many people are starting to be interested because holidays are only on a low budget!

No one can deny the natural beauty of Lombok. lots of beaches, water, mountains, waterfalls that invite admiration and attract the heart to visit immediately.

The proof, every day tourist attractions on this island are always full of local and foreign tourists.

One way to travel to Lombok which is now quite popular is by backpacking.

The reason is, there are many advantages that you can get from travel tips to Lombok backpacker style. Among other things, time is more flexible, challenging, independent, more destinations, and cost-effective.

Lombok Tour Packages you can choose to accompany your vacation trip to Lombok.

For those of you who are planning to go on a backpacker-style Lombok tour, you should read this article first to the end.

Because planning a tour to be visited is the most important aspect when you are a backpacker. You can set how much needs that need to be prepared.

Backpacker Visiting Spot

Lombok tourist attractions This backpacker style will start from the Lombok destination which is in the eastern region. All the tours on the following list have affordable fares and the distance between places is quite close.

1. Pergasingan Hill

You can start your adventure as a backpacker by visiting Bukit Pergasingan. The location is located in Sembalun Lawang, East Lombok.

You only need 2 hours drive from downtown Mataram. Here you only need to pay IDR 15.000 as an entry fee.


Pergasingan Hill has a height of 1700 meters above sea level and only takes 30 minutes to reach its peak.

There is no doubt about beauty. During the climb you will find beautiful views of rice fields and colorful village settlements. If you come in the morning, you can also enjoy the warm and beautiful sunrise.

Then when you reach the top, you'll be instantly mesmerized by the landscape Mount Rinjani which is amazing.

Yes, this hill is usually an alternative for those who cannot climb Rinjani or warm up before conquering the 3726 mdpl mountain.

2. Mangku Sakti Waterfall

The next destination is to go to Mangku Sakti Waterfall in Sajang, Sembulan. The journey takes about 30 minutes from Bukit Pergasingan.

The entrance ticket to Mangku Sakti Waterfall is IDR 5.000. Very suitable for you backpackers to lombok.


This nature tourism is famous for its unique green water tosca. First comes the rumbling sound of water falling so heavily on a 30 meter high cliff, welcoming you.

In general, backpackers will sit back and enjoy the natural show while capturing the moment through selfie or landscape photos.

Don't skip it for swimming, you have to swim... A 2-4 meter deep pool under the waterfall.

3. Senggigi Beach

If you have previously enjoyed waterfalls and hills, then you can continue your journey to Senggigi beach. The location is on Jl. Raya Senggigi, Batu Layar.

The next trip from Mangku Sakti Waterfall is about 2 hours 18 minutes to this beach.

The price of admission to Senggigi Beach is Rp. 15.000.

Senggigi Beach
Senggigi Beach, Lombok

This beach has water that is so clear blue. It is suitable for those of you who like to swim and snorkel to witness the beauty of marine life.

Meanwhile, for those of you who want to pump up your adrenaline, you can try surfing and canoeing at certain spots where the waves are quite challenging.

After playing in the water, you can rest leisurely on the soft sand while eating the food served at affordable prices.

For more details, please read full info on Senggigi Beach.

4. Yarn Netting Waterfall

Where else is the next backpacker-style vacation trip to Lombok?

Yes, you can visit Benang Kelambu Waterfall which is located in Aik Beik, North Keliang. Travel time is about 1 hour 20 minutes from Senggigi Beach.

The entrance fee for this waterfall is very friendly for backpackers, which is IDR 5.000. Haven't you been to the waterfall before?

Wait a minute, Yarn Netting has a different uniqueness from Mangku Sakti. This waterfall comes out of the sidelines of the gambang tree which forms 6 points of the current path.

Then, the cliff has three levels with a height of 30 meters, 10 meters, and 5 meters. The fun thing is, under the waterfall there is no pool formed, so you can immediately bathe under the stream.

5. Tanjung Aan Beach

The next backpacker-style vacation to Lombok, you can move to Tanjung Aan. The location is in Sengkol, Pujut. Travel time can be taken about 1 hour 31 minutes from Benang Kelambu Waterfall.

To enter the beach, which is included in the Mandalika Special Economic Zone (SEZ), you do not need to pay an entrance ticket, but only a parking fee of Rp. 10.000/car and Rp. 5.000/motorcycle.

Lombok tourism style backpacker Tanjung Ann

Tanjung Aan Beach is a beach with water so clear that the corals are clearly visible. The beauty is increasing with the surrounding green hills. There are many activities you can do on this beach.

Starting from sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, surfing, around the beach by boat. In addition, the thing that makes this beach different from before is that you can hike Batu Payung and Bukit Marese.

6. Mount Tunak Nature Park

The next destination that you can make as a backpacker-style Lombak tourist destination is the Gunung Tunak Nature Tourism Park (TWA).

It is located in Mertak, Pujut sub-district, and takes about 29 minutes from Tanjung Aan. The entry ticket price for WTA Gunung Tunak is IDR 10.000.

The reason is that here you will be presented with a journey through the Tunak Hills which is so beautiful, until it ends on a beach that invites admiration.

The distance from the entrance to the beach is about 5 km. You can choose to use a motorbike or walk tracking.

7. Cape Poki

You can close this backpacker-style vacation trip to Lombok by visiting Tanjung Poki.

The location is in Sekaroh, Jegorawu. You have to travel for 1 hour 32 minutes from TWA Gunung Tunak. The good news is, you don't have to spend a dime to enter this beach.

Tanjung Poki backpacker-style Lombok tour

For those who like adrenaline, Tanjung Poki beach is the best choice because the waves here can break the cliff height.

Yes, tourists often call it by the term devil tears lembongan Lombok style.

It's amazing if you can capture the moment. For safety reasons, do not swim in Tanjung Poki. You better try activities like tourists in general, namely fishing.

FAQ Frequently asked questions for backpackers to Lombok
Where is the Lombok area?

Di Republic of Indonesia. Lombok is the name of a large island in Indonesia West Nusa Tenggara Province and one of the tourism destinations besides Bali Island.

Interesting things from Lombok Island?

The most interesting thing about this island is of course the sea tourism to do snorkeling and diving. Here also there is Mount Rinjani and other highlands.

What are the advantages of a backpacker-style vacation to Lombok?

Exploring various tourist attractions by means of a backpacker is guaranteed to be much cheaper while also interacting more deeply with local culture.

What should be prepared for a vacation to Lombok?

If you want a backpacker-style vacation, then first you have to hunt for cheap promo tickets. Also make a draft of the tourist spots to be visited.

When is the best time to vacation in Lombok?

Come from November to February, it's the right time.

What is the estimated cost of a backpacker-style vacation to Lombok?

By saving here and there, approximately the budget you have to prepare is around 800 thousand.
The fee includes the entrance ticket to the object as well as backpacker vacation accommodation.

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This is a list of backpacker-style Lombok tours or backpack travel which you can try to fill the time off.

Prepare carefully all the equipment you may need. Starting from vehicles, supplies, clothing, budget, to a healthy physical condition.

Then when you travel, manage your time and budget well. Hopefully the list of tours above can help your backpacker trip in Lombok be successful.

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