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Serangan Island Bali Paradise Future of Bali Tourism

Bali Island Attack

Bali Attack Island

Bali's attack island, paradise for the future of tourism. 

Bali Of course it is already very famous for the various tourist objects it has. In fact, Bali has become one of the attractive tourist destinations for foreign tourists from various countries.

Well, one of the attractions that attracts attention in Bali is bali attack island which holds so much charm that it deserves to be a future tourism idol.

Bali attack island

Serangan Island which will become a future tourism paradise, is one of the interesting islands in Bali that you need to try.

The island's master plan will include several luxury class-star hotels and international standard activities that will be built on an area of ​​523 hectares, with 48 hectares of land owned by the island. Serangan Traditional Village and the rest belongs to Bali Turtle Island Development Management (BTID) approximately 476 hectares.

No need to wait for the future, even now in the attack there are also lots of fun activities that you can do either with friends or family.

Bali Attack Island

In addition, this island also holds a fairly thick history so it is very fitting to add insight.

When it comes to taking selfies, this island is also a very suitable spot, especially at sunrise or sunset. Of course, this island is perfect for pre-wedding location moments or family photos.

Up here, you must be curious about the island of Serangan Bali, right?.. Of course so because there is still a lot of important information that you need to know about this island. Inside, there are many interesting spots that you can visit.

Well, for some further discussion about tourist attractions on Serangan Island, Bali, see the following review.

What can be found there?

Serangan Island became very famous of course considering there are many interesting things that can be found there.

In fact, if the island is usually famous for marine tourism, it turns out that this place has several historical sites. Then what can be found there?, following the discussion.

1. Fisherman's Village

Since the days of the kingdoms still standing in Indonesia, in this attack area there have been a lot of fishermen.

In fact, these jobs almost make up the majority. Of course, until now there are still many descendants of fishermen who go to sea.

Attack Island Fishing Village

Therefore, do not be surprised if when you visit you can find a fishing village.

2. Assyuhada Mosque

Assyuhada Mosque

The fishing village referred to above is a Bugis ethnic village originating from Makassar. Well, this village has an icon in the form of a mosque with the name Assyuhada Mosque. This mosque building has been built since the 1700s AD or the 16th century by its initiators Sheikh Haji Mu'min who is a respected scholar from the point of view.

Apart from local people's stories, the construction of the mosque was a gift from the King of Badung for successfully winning the war against colonialism with Sheikh Haji Mu'min. Well, one thing that is quite interesting in this mosque is the existence of his tomb and the ancient Koran.

The island of Serangan Bali is certainly known as one of the centers of Muslim culture on the Island of the Gods, with many Islamic historical literatures entering this Serangan Island.

When traveling to Bali, it never hurts to explore the story or traces of the center of Islamic culture on the island of Bali.

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3. Marine Tourism

Some marine tourism in Bali, of course, is very famous for its various beauty. Including on this Sarangan island, marine tourism is also still very interesting so you really need to try it.

In fact, there are many tour guides who never miss directing tourists to enjoy the beauty of this beach.

4. Turte park Attack

In addition to some of the places above, on Serangan Bali Island you can also enjoy the beauty of all turtles. In turtle park attack, can be found in interesting turtle religion. You can see the process of how turtles lay eggs and hatch here.

Turtle Conservation Attack

Well, you need to know that apart from the turtle park, there is also something called turtle conservation to the location only 15 minutes from the Kuta and Sanur areas.

This turtle conservation was founded by the Bali Turtle Island Development Corporation, PT. BTID (Bali Turtle Island Development) The corporation is a company under the regime of former president Suharto that planned to become an area of ​​golf courses, resort complexes, artificial lagoons, water sports and recreational features and other supporting tourism facilities.

It's a shame that the reclamation development has stalled until now.

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5. Sakenan Temple

Still related to history, this temple has been built for a very long time, to be precise, since the 10th century AD. Until now, the ancient temple is still used to worship Balinese Hindus.

Sakenan Temple Bali Attack

Sakenan Temple is one of the main temples that is very important, located in the southern region of the island of Bali, to be precise, on the northwest coast of Bali's attack. This temple has a close relationship with the Buddha who resides in the melinggih of Bhatara Ida Sakya Muni.

Sakenan temple in Bali

Wrapped in a thick historical value according to the story of Dwi Jendra Tattwa's ejection, according to him the name "Sakenan" derived from the word sakya which means "immediately unite the mind". Meanwhile, according to the history of Shiva Buddha, the meaning of the word Sakya comes from the word Sakyamuni, which is the original name of The Siddhartha Gautama.

The essence of the meaning of the lontar is an admiration and beauty of the northwest edge of the attack with its calm sea nature for Danghyang Niratha when he first saw it.

It was because of his admiration that he built a true place of worship which was named "Sakenan Temple".

The boat ran aground in Serangan Bali
Activities You Can Do On Sarangan Island

The name is also a tourist area, of course what you are looking for are interesting spots that exist. In addition, before visiting, of course you will wonder what interesting activities you can do while on this island.

Well, if you are curious about this, the information is below.

1. Picnic with family

On an island, of course, it's no wonder that one of the most popular activities is a picnic. Well, on this nest island you can do it too.

In fact, the location of the nest island is perfect for picnics with the family. What's even more interesting is that there are still a lot of vacant lands surrounded by amazing spots.

2. Fishing

Not only picnics, on this island you can also fish. Therefore, if you are a person who likes fishing, of course it will be suitable if you come to this location.

attack island fisherman

So far there have been a lot of fishing there. In addition, it is not uncommon for tourists to be engrossed in hunting their sea eels.

3. Camping or camping

Camping in an interesting area, of course, is a very good choice, especially for those who like amazing nature tourism.

Well, on this island you can also camp with friends and family. However, be sure to use a tropical tent and be careful when starting a bonfire here as there are lots of dry branches and leaves.

4. Seafood cuisine

This place is not only often used as a place for fishing and learning to drive a car, the island of Serangan Bali also serves delicious seafood.

Starting from fresh grilled fish, squid to clams and prawns in Balado sauce served here. You should also try the fresh seaweed ointment. It is very easy to find along the road to the traditional village, there is always a dish of grilled fish being sold.

5. Flying kites

You like to fly kites to entertain yourself. Well, in Bali Attack Island, you can do it freely.

Whether it's during a picnic, or when you've been camping for some time there, you can fill the gaps by playing kites. Especially considering the wind here is very strong.

6. Cycling on exciting terrain

For those of you who like cycling, it is also suitable to visit Serangan Island because you can be satisfied with your hobby while there.

Here the route and road conditions for cycling are still quite quiet so it is very suitable. In addition, the road is also winding making your game even more fun. It can even be said to be quite challenging.

7. Surf
Surf island attack

In Bali, one of the most famous surfing spots is on this island. So, you can do it while you are on Serangan island while enjoying some other interesting spots.

In addition to just playing, there is also a surf course where children practice surfing on the beach with small waves.

8. Water sports

One area that is famous for water sports so far is Tanjung Benoa. You may have played there many times. However, once in a while you have to try it at a water sport on Serangan Island, Bali.

Island attack water sport
Water sport Gold Island Attack

Indeed, water sports on this island are not as busy as Tanjung Benoa which is the central marine tourism spot in Bali, mainstream watersports in Bali.

Water sports on Serangan Island are not as numerous and complete as in Tanjung Benoa, only a few vendors who provide water sports services. One of them is water sports Gold Island Attack.

Water sports Gold Island Serangan Bali

Starting from banana boats, jetskis, canoeing, and parasailing adventures, you can find them here, if for the location and fun, of course it is not inferior to the one in Tanjung Benoa.

9. Turtle conversation and education center Bali

You need to know that this island is often called the Sarangan Turtle Island Bali Island. This is certainly very reasonable considering the turtle conservation here.

If previously there was such a thing as Turtle Park, this conservation is in more detail. To be precise, you can learn more about turtles.

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Location of Bali's Sarangan Island

If the location of the attack and the island of Bali is only crossed by a 110 meter long bridge, this island is actually quite easy to reach so you won't have any trouble.

It can even be called a quite strategic location. If you bring a vehicle, you can enter through the entrance where the road is opposite lotte Mart. Well, it is necessary to know further that in Bali there is only one lotte mart, precisely on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai.

Serangan Island Entrance
attack island bridge

Very interesting isn't it? travel in Bali Attack Island. Therefore, for those of you who live far from Bali, if you arrive at the island of the gods, make sure not to miss this one area. Especially considering the location is easy to reach, of course it will be a pity if you don't stop by there.

"Let's go on a trip to the island of Bali's attack!!"

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