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Bawean Island

bawean island

Bawean Island

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If you are traveling to East Java and happen to be in Gresik, you can find a beautiful island known as Bawean.

This island is a hidden destination that has a lot of extraordinary charm. And to take a peek at the attractiveness of Bawean Island, you can listen to our review as follows.

A Brief About Bawean Tourist Attractions

The name of this island tourist attraction may not be so familiar to tourists. Meanwhile, compared to the island of Bali or Indonesia travel On the other hand, this island is not widely known.

Bawean Island is located in the middle of the Java Sea and is included in the Gersik district of East Java province.

This inhabited island is divided into two districts. Interestingly, this island is dominated by many female residents because most of the male population is wandering to earn a living.

No wonder this island also gets the nickname as the island of women. Which of course offers a lot of attraction that can not be ignored.

Attractions Owned By Bawean

1. Have a Deer Captive

There are many attractions that are presented on the island of Bawean, one of which is the deer breeding. captivity This is precisely what distinguishes it from other islands.

Bawean native deer that are conserved are endemic animals that are rare and even threatened with extinction. Currently, there are about 30 individuals in the captive area, previously only 2 individuals.

2. Laccar Falls

In addition to deer breeding, you can also find the Laccar waterfall which is so charming. The water that falls from a height of 25 meters presents an extraordinary charm.

Access to the location is also easy, so it's a shame if you don't stop by. The surrounding area is still beautiful will make you want to linger.

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3. Many Beautiful Beaches

Another attraction that cannot be separated from this beautiful island is its extraordinary beaches. There are more than one marine tourism that you can explore when in Bawean.

Such as Tanjung Ga'ang beach, Long Graveyard to Mayangkara Beach. On average, the beach has clear water with soft white sand. Other islands around Bawean Island are no less interesting.

4. Lake Kastoba

In one island you can not only vacation to the beach, but also can find a beautiful lake. The lake is known as Lake Kastoba which is located in the middle of the forest.

So you will find a calm lake as well as an atmosphere that is no less calm. The journey to a location that requires a struggle equal to its charm.

How to get to the location and ticket prices

Bawean Island is administratively part of Gresik Regency, which is about 120 km to the north of Gresik. You can access this beautiful island by ship or plane.

There is currently a Harun Thohir airport on this island. If you want to use a ship, then you must know the schedule.

To enter the area of ​​Bawean Island does not require any fees. However, you must provide the costs for transportation. For ships, the price starts from Rp. 76 thousand. Meanwhile, if you want to ride the executive one, the price of the boat ticket starts from Rp. 170 thousand. And VIP starts from IDR 220 thousand and all prices will be different for children as well as adults.

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Spending a vacation on Bawean Island will of course provide an extraordinary experience. You can explore the nature that is still awake, and all natural attractions are present on this island. Starting from beautiful beaches, lakes to waterfalls you can find. To make it easier, you can take advantage of a tour package to Bawean Island.


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