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Liang Bukal Beautiful Cave, Natural and Beautiful Natural Beauty

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The beautiful Liang Bukal Cave is a natural tourist attraction that has its own uniqueness. This Liang Bukal tourist attraction could be a favorite place for Challenge lovers. The atmosphere in this place is still very natural.

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If you are looking for references about tourist attractions in Sumbawa, this tourist attraction could be an option. Yes, Liang Bukal. Liang Bukal is a tourist destination that has beautiful charm in NTB.

The beauty of the Instagenic rocks at the Liang Bukal tourist attraction will amaze you. You can spend holiday time with family or friends.

There you will feel calm. This will refresh our minds. Feelings of boredom can disappear when you vacation here. Let's come to Liang Bukal in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara.

Beautiful Cave Liang Bukal

Where is Liang Bukal located? Liang Bukal is located in Sumbawa, precisely in Batutering, Moyo Hulu, West Nusa Tenggara.

This tourist attraction is a popular tourist attraction in Sumbawa. This is because of Liang Bukal's natural beauty. The atmosphere is very beautiful and makes anyone feel at home on holiday here.

Open every day, you can visit this tourist attraction at any time. But there are operational hours that apply. Open from 08.00 – 16.00 WIB.

You can take as many photos as you like here. Beautiful nature can be a beautiful background. There are many Instagenic spots that visitors can use to take photos.

You will not be difficult to find Liang Bukal attractions. Therefore, don't forget to come to Liang Bukal if you have the opportunity to come to Sumbawa, NTB.

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Tourist Attraction Facilities

The holiday will be very enjoyable because the natural charm here is very beautiful. What's more, there are facilities provided by the management. That way the holiday will be even more exciting.

What facilities can you get?

  1. Tourist stall
  2. Parking area
  3. Comfortable seating
  4. Camping Area
  5. gazebo
  6. As well as outbound area

The uniqueness of Liang Bukal

Liang Bukan has a uniqueness that makes tourists interested in coming here. You will find a cave full of bats.

Because the cave is always filled with bats, local residents call this cave the Bat Cave. In Sumbawa language it is called Liang Bukal.

If you want to go to this cave, you have to prepare your energy well. Make sure your body is fit because the road you take is winding and uphill.

Even during the journey you will find wild branches. Even so, the trip will be enjoyable because of the beautiful and natural natural scenery.

Strong scent

Once you reach the mouth of the cave, you will smell the distinctive smell of bat droppings. It's understandable because in the cave there are many bats that inhabit this cave.

At first the smell will feel strong. But behind this unpleasant smell, you will see Liang Bukal's enchanting beauty.

Here there is also a river with a refreshing flow of water. You can play water in this river.

Then, Liang Bukal's environment is so beautiful. This cave is surrounded by valleys and tropical forests, making it a favorite tourist spot.

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In each cave there is a coral cliff with river water. You can take photos in front of this cave cliff so that it becomes an Instagrammable photo.

If you come to this cave, don't forget to bring a change of clothes. If you play in the water river near this cave, clothes could get wet.

Then use mosquito repellent lotion so you don't get bitten by mosquitoes. Traveling will be more comfortable.

And most importantly, don't litter. We must always take part in keeping the surrounding environment clean and sustainable.


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