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Bengkulu Waterfall Tour

bengkulu waterfall destination

Waterfall attractions in Bengkulu have always been a special attraction. Especially for nature lovers who like to test their adrenaline. The terrain that must be passed to reach the waterfall tourist destination in Bengkulu is quite challenging. This provides its own excitement.

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Bengkulu Province has an interesting tourist spot. One of the charms of tourism in Bengkulu is a waterfall.

Did you know that the waterfall tourist attraction in Bengkulu has a challenging terrain. For those of you who like to test your adrenaline, attractions like this are very interesting.

List of Waterfalls in Bengkulu

1. Tri Sakti Waterfall

Trik Sakti Waterfall is located in Rejang Lebong Regency. Precisely located in Belitar Seberang Tourism Village.

This waterfall has a cold flow. Then, there is Puspa Dewi Waterfall which has a hot flow. The two streams of this waterfall meet at one point.

In the past, Tri Sakti Waterfall was called Tri Muara Karang Waterfall. This name was given to this waterfall because it refers to the concept of Trik Sakti from President Sukarno.

In addition, another reason for naming this waterfall is because the local community comes from Blitar, East Java. Blitar is the place where Ir Soekarno is buried.

2. Palak Siring Kemumu Waterfall

In Arma Jaya District, North Bengkulu Regency, there is Palak Siring Kemumu Waterfall.

There are a number of stairs that need to be taken to get to the location of the waterfall. Palak Siring Kemumu Waterfall has a height of 30 meters.

Although it takes effort to traverse the terrain that is not easy, once you arrive at the location, everything will pay off.

The natural scenery around the waterfall is so beautiful. The natural atmosphere is also very beautiful. Around here there are rare flowers Raflesia arnoldii or giant lotus. If you are lucky, you can see the giant flower.

3. Paliak Embong Waterfall

Once you arrive at the door of the Paliak Embong Waterfall, you will see a dam. This dam is also commonly used for holidays.

The journey time from the dam to the waterfall is about 30 minutes. The terrain of this waterfall is known to be quite challenging. So if you come here, you need to be careful so that unwanted things don't happen.

The location of the Paliak Embong Waterfall is in Embong 1 Village, Uram Jaya District, Lebong Regency.

4. Wide Flat Waterfall

The name of this waterfall is taken from the place where this waterfall is located. The location of the Datar Lebar Waterfall is in Datar Lebar Village, Central Bengkulu.

In the 1990s to 2000s, this attraction was very popular among nature lovers.

Around the tent there is an area commonly used for camping. So you can set up a tent near the waterfall.

Unlike the previous waterfalls, the Datar Lebar Waterfall is easily accessible.

5. Waterfall Curug Sembilan

The Nine Waterfalls or Curug Sembikan tourist attraction can also be your tourist destination. The waterfall which has 9 levels is very beautiful. Located in Padang Jaya District, North Bengkulu Regency.

But to get to the waterfall, the terrain is quite difficult. The road is slippery and muddy. On the way, you will pass Protected forest Boven Lais.

For those who want to visit here, you should first find out what the terrain is like. This is so that you can estimate the duration of the trip that will be taken. In addition, pay attention to the footwear used. Choose non-slip footwear.

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That's information about 5 waterfall tourist destinations in Bengkulu that have an extraordinary charm. Although it takes a struggle to reach the location, all of that pays off with its lowliness.


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